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How to play galloping triplets


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So, Iron Maiden The Trooper, no idea why but I seem to have atleast 90% on it. But I still feel as though I am not fast enough for the triplets. I use a 3 finger technique to do it but what would you guys suggest to improve my skills? Is there a kind of CDLC or something I can download that will just focus on practicing triplets?

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allot of triplets in Gojira stuff, not galloping i spose but still... :P

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Backup CDLC link ^^ - should list even the ones that got removed for inactive links...
just restored my ability to login again, so will try to slowly resubmit the missing ones...
and hoping to make a small come-back with some new CDLC ideas...

YAMAHA 4-String 24 Frets - D Standard -> C Standard & D Drop C...

ASHTON - 4-String 21 Frets, E Standard, Drop D, Half-Step Down (Nirvana)...

Phoenix? - BASS 21-22 Frets? - 4-in-line Headstock...

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After-market Tremolo Bridge + head-stock locking nut thingys --- Free 1994-ish Guitar =   🙂

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The bassline of Led Zeppelin's Achilles Last Stand has A LOT of galloping triplets, if anyone of still looking for examples.

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The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

learning to chart > asking someone else to do it

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The rhythm to trooper is not triplets its an 8th note followed by two 16th notes a fast chugging rhythm, picking should be down, down up  - down, down up etc

and yes speed comes with hours of practice and time,

 a slower song with the same chugging rhythm would be DIO Holy Diver

other Maiden songs using the same rhythm - right hand picking :-

- rhryme of the ancient mariner

- Flight of Icarus

-  PowerSlave

- run to the hills and many more



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@@geoffq, you're right, that's exactly what I thought about triplets. But about picking, he wants to play the bass with fingers... otherwise it's more easy to play it with pick, for me anyway.. depends on the speed

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 YouTube                                                           The Phantastic 3                                                       Facebook

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