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editing the tuning on a cdlc?



Hey, is there any way to change the tuning on a .psarc file? the tuning is on B and i dont have a 5string bass and i dont really want to change to heavier strings just for that, i know it wont sound right but i just wanna practise the tab, thanks!

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Without seeing the tab I can't say for sure, but chances are, it's in B Standard for a reason. Any notes that are below a low E (or simply below the pitch of your open E string in your desired tuning) would need to be transposed an octave up or left out completely. It usually requires a fair amount of musical acumen along with a working knowledge of EoF.

If you're not comfortable doing this on your own, then it may not be worth it to you to go through all of the steps. If it's something you'd be willing to try, here's a broad overview of the steps:

1) unpacking the CDLC with the Toolkit
2) changing the notes and tuning (either in Guitar Pro or directly in EoF), then saving

3) re-adding the arrangement(s) to the Toolkit, with the new tuning
4) re-generating the .psarc

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Maybe there would be another possibility : i noticed that Rocksmith Toolkit creator lets you change the root tuning. I never used it yet, but i would bet that doesn't change the fret position, so basically you'll get the song a perfect fourth higher.




As it will sound terrible for your ears most of the times, you may want to lower your bass guitar sound in the game or on your external gear. Or you may change the root pitch of the backing-track accordingly - in that case, a perfect fourth up - which could be done by opening the *.ogg on any audio editor (if you don't have one, audacity should do the trick). Then you'll have to use Wwise to generate the *.Wem from your modified audio file, so you can put it back on your package. In the end of the day, the singer will have a duck voice, but you'll hear the same pitch as you should play.

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I tried it out changing the tuning pitch from 220 hz to 440 hz (E standard) repacked it and when I played it it didn't pick up most of the notes and got 1.2% on it.

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@@coldrampage You should never change the A back to 440 when there's note below C on bass no matter what.


Overall changing only the tuning in the toolkit will likely fucked up the recognition in Rocksmith making it useless...

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