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  1. i am sorry that you are facing this problem sounds like your intonation is off :/ it could be a bend on the neck since the problem is more intense in open string and the first frets maybe the gauge of your strings is not enough...its a gear thing and rocksmith is not a problem. If you have a tuner pedal check your intonation this way.
  2. i cleared my browser data and it still doesnt work on chrome or IE...
  3. Hey, is there any way to change the tuning on a .psarc file? the tuning is on B and i dont have a 5string bass and i dont really want to change to heavier strings just for that, i know it wont sound right but i just wanna practise the tab, thanks!
  4. making a new profile all the above dlcs work that weird still i couldnt get back my profile:(
  5. so its either planet caravan pantera into the pit testament souls of black testament i dont know which one is though..is any way to save my profile from steam cloud or something?never happened something like this before..dang
  6. instead of i am the mountain you should make black woods,its such a great song and maybe try some planet of zeus they are a great band,nice list though gj:)
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