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  1. Bumping this thread, maybe there are some skilled people that have their idea on this ? http://welikeit.fr/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/tumblr_mifjd3iIBK1s3o373o5_500.gif
  2. Hi guys Sorry if that's been covered elsewhere, i searched a bit with no luck. I wondered if somehow, Impro mode presets could be customised. More specifically if some chords progression could be entered, allowing to use the mode to work specific songs soloes and chorus... ? Thanks ;)
  3. Thanks Firekorn, as always... I did not followed that topic at all... I've created from 5-strings bass part under EOF (i have the stings name right), and selected bass arrangement on EOF. Should i copy/paste the chart on a guitar part on EOF ? If i select guitar arrangement on RST, that would mean it'll only be visible on a guitar path on rocksmith, right ? As the tune is only low key, not real 5-sting, i probably should get it just downtuned on a 4 strings arrangement...? Edit : Yes it's working on 4-strings arrangement. Thanks !
  4. Hi guys I charted this song from Trivium on bass, but setting the right tuning is a real pain in the A. Looks like it's ADGCF, which (if i understund things right) i should set in RST with +5 +5 +5 +5 +4 +5 (or choose ADGCFA Fixed), and set root frequency at 220. But i want to get a true tuning, as always. And if i tune my bass to match that song, i get something like +45 cents from 440 reference... Thanks for helping me ;)
  5. Good to know ! Wwise manipulations were not that hard, but I tend to forget those. Plus the time saved in the process... I definitely will give it a try next time I create or amend a CDLC. Thanks for the tip !
  6. Hi Firekorn Been away from customforge for a while. What do you mean by that ? Using WWise to create a WEM is not necessary anymore, the toolkit does it ?
  7. A desktop PC, a décent audio interface (audient iD22) and a pair of old monitors (active Roland DS5 + Tapco subwoofer). That is my usual rig for rocksmith. The audient has good preamps and a great HiZ input, insert jacks allowing to feed the RS cable (no need for a splitter) and it works great with software like guitar rig. It's also multiclient, so I can run both ASIO amp sim (for improved latency) and Rocksmith at the same time. So it's much alike having a splitter to feed RS and an amp/pod/whatever guitar mfx you like, and reunite them on a mixing console before feeding the monitors. Except it's all in the box. Since Remastered, I don't use the RS cable anymore, and use the "acoustic mode" as main input. Works like a charm for those who don't use RS internal amp sim ! In case you'd be stuck with driver routing issues (feeding multiple software with the same input, or mixing several software with different protocol such as ASIO/MME) : try ODEUS ASIO link driver. A bit complicated, but you can solve a great deal of situations with it. Discovered it when I wanted to put a VST plugin (ARC - acoustic room correction) in insert on all my computer's output (from RS to YouTube).
  8. RS câble is no playback device (input only), you have to aggregate one in your asio4all driver so you'll have an output as well as the input when selecting those drivers in PT. That being said, you'd better go for a decent audio interface, starting from 100-150 €$ you'll find plenty (focusrite, zoom, presonus, Yamaha, Steinberg, Roland...)
  9. My two cents would be : - Try to send the sound before any treatments to RS, so before the Kemper. The Kemper direct output is probably a post line out with speaker emulator, so you'll have it all (from distortion, efx to amp+speaker profiles). - latencies will still depend the audio interface you are using, which will be RS realtone cable for input, and internal chipset of your computer for the output. But it won't matter, your guitar sound will be not be affected as it will not pass through the computer. Latency will be the one you get using your amp (virtually none), and matters less for note recognition alone.
  10. Routing issues are something that can be easily solved using O Deus Asio link ;)
  11. That is something that can be easily solved using O Deus Asio link ;)
  12. I agree the conclusion. Decent USB interfaces (most common around) will bring you far better dynamic, less noise and reduced latency with software who will use ASIO drivers. In a nutshell, with amplitube, bias (which you mentioned using)... not with RS internal sounds.
  13. (Focusrite is a brand, not the model^^) The problem here is the RS cable. You can't get less than 15ms or so, which makes a round-trip of 18 or so with a modern musical audio interface as output. You can use parallel solutions if you're ready to get rid of internal amp simulation : external amp, multi efx pedal... or running an ASIO-capable amp sim software on parallel of RS, if your drivers supports multiclient. In that case RS2014 can be used in "USB microphone" mode (wich disable internal amp sim support) with any sound card you like... and you may give your cable to someone who will need it.
  14. That is what I thought, too. But I tried disabling the "maximum difficulty" setting (which I had always on, I don't use/like Dynamic Difficulty), and going into riff repeater to learn a phrase, with level up on. Which did not succeed unlocking the mission, unfortunately... Plus, the game don't give everyone the same mission, and apart if the selection were completely random, it would not make much sense to give one based on dynamic difficulty to someone that disable it, wouldn't it ? But, damn. I cannot figure what else it could be.
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