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  1. i'm doing the same thing kind of sad having such a great audio interface and having to switch every time I want to play rocksmith i read that some people were able to get their audiointerfaces to work without lag
  2. Does anyone here have good audio settings for the use of this interface as an audio output with the Rocksmith cable as input? I'm using latencybuffer 1, and Max MaxOutputBufferSize=1024 ExclusiveMOde 0 and Win32ulatencymode 0 if I don't use these I get choppy sound any advice on how to get better latency without the sound issues using this interface?
  3. have 1 and i'm saving up money for my dream guitar
  4. so in GPA sync there the Snap to peak option if the mp3 was an instrumental shouldnt you link the note to the start of the sound or is it better to sync it to the peak of the sound? what is more precise?
  5. im pretty sure now the first number is the time in the mp3 meaning 418 = 418 milliseconds the second number is number of the the bar in the tab the 3rd number is the position of the note in the tab the fourth i have no idea
  6. i think 486 is the number of sync points # starts a point maybe 1407 0 0 0.25 1407 is the time the first 0 is the bar the second zero is the position of the point in the bar? and 0.25 ? 487 #418; 0; 0; 989.74 #1407; 0; 0.25; 994.96 #1656; 0; 0.3125; 792.44 #2251; 0; 0.5; 975.45 #2738; 0; 0.625; 988.83 #3233; 0; 0.75; 1340.01 #3400; 0; 0.78125; 1337.77 #3567; 0; 0.8125; 529.53 #3700; 0; 0.875; 1147.55 #3891; 0; 0.9166666865348816; 984.51 #4055; 0; 0.9583333134651184; 931.97 this is the first part of my file so 487 is the number of points 0 is maybe the bar of the tab? what do the 989.74 and 994.96`mean ?
  7. can anyone tell me how these files are built I want to try to fix the file so each syncpoint is separated by a ; ? what does 486#1407;0;0.25; mean?
  8. the start of the xml file looks like this <sync>486#1407;0;0.25;994.96#1656;0;0.3125;792.44#2251;0;0.5;975.45#2738;0;0.625;988.83#3233;0;0.75;1340.01#3400;0;0.78125;1337.77#3567;0;0.8125;529.53#3700;0;0.875;1147.55#3891;0;0.9166666865348816;984.51#4055;0;0.9583333134651184;931.97#4210;1;0;896.77#5107;1;0.25;1616.47#5309;1;0.28125;1783.69#5532;1;0.3125;659.13#5697;1;0.375;1635.98#6106;1;0.4375;1439.49#6466;1;0.5;238.29#6585;1;0.625;507.93#6754;1;0.7083333134651184;1496.63#7004;1;0.75;727.41#7246 when I change the first 486 to 1 or 4 or something the import works but then the notes are out of sync what does this number mean?
  9. I did this and it says Malformed Go Playalong XML File :(
  10. how do I export it correctly?
  11. it can't even import a file where I have only 1 sync point
  12. Hi, I tried to sync a tab to the mp3 using GPA but when I try to import it into EOF I get an error message the log says this Parsing Go PlayAlong file Error parsing sync tag. Aborting
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