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Has anyone used a VR headset with Rocksmith?



The HTC Vive has confirmed front facing camera support and the consumer version of the Oculus rift is rumored to. This allows for augmented reality - that is, a game or software asset overlayed onto the room around you, viewable through the virtual reality headset.


There's a VR version of Rock Band coming, but I don't think it supports augmented reality from what I've gathered. Instead, that game will basically have looking around the in-game stage and gimmicky stuff like knocking over the microphone.


Ubisoft has commented on a video two years ago that showed someone using the Oculus with Rocksmith and hinted that it could come in a future game, but won't be implemented in Rocksmith 2014. The version of the Oculus rift being used by this person does not have a front facing camera, so he can't see through his headset at the actual guitar in his hands. The tweet and video can be seen here;



Being able to look at your physical guitar's fretboard while having Rocksmith's chart scrolling over it would be, just wow. This seems like it would be a great asset to learning. Does anyone know if you can manually adjust the opacity of games through the HTC Vive and have the front facing camera going at the same time?


The HTC Vive will release on April 5th, it's very expensive and requires a very demanding computer to use it. I'm not sure how easy it will be for people to port implementation of games or if there's some kind of wrapper in development for this.

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I really don't see how not being able to look at your own hand would be interesting when playing guitar/bass. If you want to memorize being able to detach yourself from the screen and just look at your fretboard and hands is way more interesting and fun...


From there, even with opacity settings to view the outside world seems like a really weird idea, the rendre will probably be weird and make you sick by mixing two very different and contradictory information. And opacity will still make seing dots on the fretboard hard but they are a key part of the visual cues you have.


Another option would be to show virtual hands inside the game but i'm not really sure of how doable it is with reasonnable amount of ressources.

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As it looks by now that rather will take away something of the guitar playing experience than adding much useful.

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Being able to look at your physical guitar's fretboard while having Rocksmith's chart scrolling over it would be, just wow. This seems like it would be a great asset to learning. 


I highly doubt it would be great for learning, how are you even going to see the notes come in on your fretboard with your guitar vertical? It's not going to be good for your neck, that's for sure.


I can't see VR being usefull for an instrument to be honest. You have to realise VR will have some serious latency issues too.

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It would be a lot more interesting as a HoloLens or Google Glass app.


Instead of being put into a game world, and attempting to play guitar, it would be better to keep the user in the real world and add a non-intrusive note track to the real world. Maybe instead of having an encompassing note track and fake room, just offer a view of the tabs that could be glanced at if you got stuck. Either that, or have the ability to stand up playing guitar, and have the note track move on the floor, so, in theory, you could just play normally and have the ability to look down for a quick reference.


It would be a very niche thing, and expensive and time consuming to make, but it'd be interesting.

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I have a vive and I've been playing Rocksmith in VR desktop mode for about a week. Its an incredibly immersive and fun experience but it does have drawbacks. Not seeing frets is obviously the worst but if you are playing for fun and practice its a blast. I'm 400+ hours played and I'm playing mostly easy songs that I already know so I dont lose much and I enjoy the challenge or learning the frets without seeing them. Taking on and off the guitar and gear is a big pain as well, it requires coordinated and time consuming effort. But when you are playing in VR desktop mode it feels like you are playing in a movie theater with your game on the big screen. Everything is huge, you dont have to focus to see the crowd going wild and it feels like playing in front of a crowd. I am 36 and I feel like a kid again when I'm playing.


If I get too close the walls (I set the perimeters) the game fades out and your blue boarders show up, its impossible to hit the wall with your guitar if you set your boarders. I am very sensitive to motion sickness and I do not get motion sick while playing Rocksmith in VR. I occasionally get some lag but its not very often and its doesnt last long. I am using a GTX 980ti.

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