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How long is Customsforge expected to be online for downloads?



I am unable to download anything from the other site that is now offline. It seems all of the work for that is gone, except some here and there.



I am making a backup disk with all my customs on it in case maybe in 2 or 3 years this site is offline and nothing can be downloaded.


I want to get an idea of what is going to happen to this site? And saying this site will be up forever with endless donations and endless more customs is not an answer.


I was uploading a copy of all my customs to google drive but that took soooooooo long I decided to say that isn't going to work.

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As Raynebc said, we don't have any crystal ball and can't predict the futur, so far CF will stay as long as possible but many event can bring that site down for many different reason but we would all love to avoid getting there anytime soon and we do all we can to avoid that too (like the policy for not advertising CF on official RS channel).


Even though keeping the cdlc you like and in touch with charter outside of CF might be handy in case something happen.

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More than worrying about CF going down, I'd be more more worried about the individual downloads going down as distributing these files is, after all, illegal in many jurisdictions, so the hosting companies could take them down. So it's better to keep local backups, as like said external HDD's or even DVD's are not expensive anymore. Nothing is guaranteed, but that's the most surefire way to keep the files available.


Even a simple thumbdrive would suffice for most, as like in my own case I have like 200 customs, and with 4MB average size they'd only come down to 800MB. 1GB drives are given out left and right anyway.

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