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Best songs for beginners?

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Default: Everlong (Foo Fighters), X-Kid (Green Day), Blitzkrieg Bop (The Ramones), R U Mine? (Arctic Monkeys)


CDLC: Holiday (Green Day), Come as You Are (Nirvana), Yesterday (The Beatles), Highway to Hell (AC/DC)

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You can find a few ranked by the championship here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HzgY90kLwyGqzJ-R64v8lmpeQMMhhxwGwUlenepIgms/edit#gid=7


And you can check week by week what beginner song we had each week here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uW12xsVeQ0qXj4mlw69CYvY949Bmu8tZdAkYcRd8czk/edit#gid=577778929  and here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlTPV1aRRyqEdGZXd0xoRFI5cmpCZGk3VzZRTzZvYWc#gid=101



Edit:  And don't forget the bass path. When i was new to this i found that there are more easy bass parts than there are guitar parts.  (you can play them with your guitar, just so you know)

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Some of Tom Petty -  Runnin Down a Dream (except for the solo at the end), Won't Back Down, Wreck Me (w/ a Capo)

Rob Zombie - Two Lane Blacktop


Learn to transition between Em A D G C and Barres/Power Chords because if you like rock that's mostly what you're going to be playing.


I think it's really more about, of course within reason skill wise, find stuff you like and work with it. If it's that difficult to play you can use DD or riff repeater and slow it down. If it's not something you enjoy you're probably not going to stay with it.

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Join the Championship! - Cause the Championship is good for you ;)



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Bar none Waylon Jennings Amanda is the easiest song. Especially for bass, But you will have to play full chords. Sorry folks,, only 3 chords and the lead is dead shit simple,, it's the easiest.

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Angela and I Can't Hear You are firmly stuck in my fingers from my beginner days, I'm not sure if they're RS1 or RS2014 but definitely worth a look if you want to feel good by playing full songs!


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