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Is it actually possible to make CDLCs on a Mac?



I've had all sorts of problems using the Rocksmith Toolkit on the Mac.  I can convert CDLCs that other people have made, but it keeps crashing when I try to make my own.


I've seen some reference to a bug that will cause problems.  Is this the case?  Has anybody managed to make CDLCs on a Mac, or do we have to use a PC to make them?


(I've also tried using the Toolkit under Wine, which worked once, but it seems to be rather unstable.)

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To give a bit more context.


When I tried to use the Toolkit Mac .app, I obtained the following error when I tried to load the album cover .jpg:



When I tried using the Windows version of the Toolkit running under Wine, I obtained the following error when I selected "Add" under tones:



When I tried using "mono RocksmithToolkitGUI.exe" to run the WIndows version, I got much much further... it was as I clicked the "Generate" button that I got an error:



Are the above my errors, or am I just not going to succeed on a Mac?

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Yes, read that.  It doesn't really help.  The original poster says they've only used their Wine version to convert CDLCs, not create them... plus their version isn't available any longer.


One poster says "It works absolutely fine with Mono 3.4" - so I tried replacing the version I have of Mono with the older 3.4.  And I get the same error at the Generate step.


I guess nobody is using a Mac to create them.  :-(

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let's summon @@cozy1 and @@Alex360 first and see if they can work with those error message and they might be more helpfull than me, i also know that @@Wepeel is using MAC for RS, don't know if he ever worked with the toolkit but who knows :)

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@firekorn @MartynQ, main issue is nov ariable for %wwiseroot% found\no wwise installed(for ma it's smth likevvined version of regular vvvvise

and as for the first one is mono framevvork related bug, i could get vvorkaround or do missing parts on it, I can't  confirm it's origin for novv.

as for novv toolkit is ok to use for  conversion only

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  • Developer

Does the packer feature still work for Mac in the Packer/Unpacker tab?  If so then you may want to give producing Mac CDLC the old fashioned way a try. 


1.  Put EOF arrangement XML, album artwork DDS, and WEM audio files into the appropriate directory structure of an unpacked CDLC folder and then pack. 


2. Alternately, create CDLC for PC using the Creator GUI and then try using the Converter tab to convert PC to MAC.


3. Or yet another option, possibly revert to last stable version of toolkit that supported Mac CDLC preparation. 


Just a couple of ideas to toss out.  I am unable to verify/develop toolkit Mac features for you at this time.

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All bug reports and help requests please include your: OS, CPU, AV, .NET Framework versions along with a description of the issue (include screenshots of error if possible).  It should go without having to say ... make sure you are using the latest build before submitting bug reports or asking for help.


*  Remember to use your magic words (please and thank you) if you would like a response.  Don't use phrases like 'thanks anyhow' as it is demeaning.

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