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  1. Wepeel's post in PC Toolkit on Mac (via Wine) was marked as the answer   
    You don't need the Wine version that was posted here (it never worked that great anyway).
    All the info you need to get the Toolkit running on Mac can be found here:
    I would suggest sticking to an older version of the Toolkit for the time being, as some people have said that the newest 2 versions have been causing problems.
    Personally, I use v2.6.1.0-406125e4 without any problems.
  2. Wepeel's post in Convert .dat -> .psarc was marked as the answer   
    You won't get any help pirating DLC here.  You should read rule #4:
  3. Wepeel's post in unable to open app on mac was marked as the answer   
    That issue was pointed out in the "How To Add Custom Songs On Mac" thread that PC Plum linked above.  I also made a note in that thread that the newest revisions work perfectly fine now.
    I'm using the latest revision with no problems, on 10.10.3 (newest OS X update just released the other day).  Thanks again for getting it fixed.
  4. Wepeel's post in Convert Pc CDLC to PS3 was marked as the answer   
    You need to download the Rocksmith Custom Toolkit. You can find the link to download it on the main page of the forum, down near the bottom.
  5. Wepeel's post in PC > Mac convert gives a huge wall of errors was marked as the answer   
    The newest revision of the toolkit fb615f5a (posted Dec. 31), works fine now.
  6. Wepeel's post in converting from pc to mac was marked as the answer   
    Yup, it works.  Sorry for the last post, I just saw that you uploaded another new version today.  I should have looked before posting.
    So revision fb615f5a works great :)
    Thank you!
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