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Song ends early in game



I just finished a song and when I play it ingame the song ends about 5 seconds early cutting of the last note and the end of the song and going to the score screen.  In eof it shows the audio end and chart end in the same spot that it should end at past the end of the music and notes.  Any ideas what could cause this ingame or what to do to make the game stop farther down the track?

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I'm honestly not too sure why this would be happening.

If I had to guess, I'd say it has something to do with the way your sections or phrases are laid out. Maybe try removing them all and adding them again. Perhaps you've added a "no guitar" section too early, when there were still notes remaining. Just a thought, as I'm not 100% sure if that would cause your problem.

Also, maybe try re-creating the .wem file with Wwise. Does the .wav file (that EoF creates) end early too? If your .wav source is truncated, the .wem file will be too. 

If either of those things aren't the problem... I got nothin' :)

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The Led Zeppelin Discography thread

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I redid the wem files and the phrase/sections and the same issue occurs.  I guess I will just remake it and copy the notes over.  The only thing I can think of that could have done this is when I added the 3 seconds of silence at the start I messed something up and undid to many moves and it removed the silence I just clicked the redo button and it instantly added the 3 seconds lead back again.  This is about the amount of time that gets cut off so maybe that screwed things up.

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30 seconds?

Sounds like you use the preview instead of the full song!


Tell us exactly what path you used in the ".wem" field in the Toolkit. Also check if your files are correctly named as "filename.wem" and filename_preview.wem"

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