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Error importing GPA File


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I'd like to move the library contents from one computer to another. Is there an easy way to do that?


Yes, absolutely! First, use the 'export tracks' feature on the source computer. You can launch this feature by clicking the options button in library view ( upper-right corner ). Select the tracks you want to transfer and click 'finish export'. Once the export task completes, copy the generated files to the destination computer, start Go PlayAlong and use the 'import tracks' feature to load all the files and settings from your other machine.

Exporting creates an XML file and an Guitar Pro file, among other things like the audio file. EOF just needs the XML file and the Guitar Pro file to be in the same folder when you import the XML.

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Did you exported the track correctly?

Because i think that issue is because is not exported correctly 

how do I export it correctly?


On the library, you go to settings (displayed as gears) then Export track

There you select the song you want to export

After finishing the export, you open EoF, and then click on Guitar Pro Import

Then you just go where you exported the GPA (Documents), you go to the folder of the exported song (it will be desplayed like "Library" and a couple of numbers, and other folder with the name of the songbook, there it is the GP file, the MP3 song and the file containing the notes, THAT is the file


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the start of the xml file looks like this


when I change the first 486 to 1 or 4 or something the import works

but then the notes are out of sync

what does this number mean?

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can anyone tell me how these files are built

I want to try to fix the file


so each syncpoint is separated by a ; ?

what does

486#1407;0;0.25; mean?


i think 486 is the number of sync points

# starts a point


maybe 1407 0 0 0.25

1407 is the time

the first 0 is the bar

the second zero is the position of the point in the bar?

and 0.25 ?

#418;	0;	0;		        989.74
#1407;	0;	0.25;			994.96
#1656;	0;	0.3125;			792.44
#2251;	0;	0.5;			975.45
#2738;	0;	0.625;			988.83
#3233;	0;	0.75;			1340.01
#3400;	0;	0.78125;		1337.77
#3567;	0;	0.8125;			529.53
#3700;	0;	0.875;			1147.55
#3891;	0;	0.9166666865348816;	984.51
#4055;	0;	0.9583333134651184;	931.97

this is the first part of my file

so 487 is the number of points

0 is maybe the bar of the tab?


what do the 989.74 and 994.96`mean ?

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Here's a quote from the email I got from the Go PlayAlong folks when I emailed them about 1.5 years ago:


All synchronization settings are stored within the tag of the xml file. Here's an example of a value:





Basically these values are a collection of "synch points" that are defined by our users during the synchronization process.


The first integer number denotes the number of sync points used, followed by the list of sync points. Each sync point data is separated by a # sign. In the example above there are 12 sync points and the first point data looks like this: 60;0;0;634.8


Each sync point data consists of 4 values separated by a ; sign:


Mp3 track time in milliseconds ( float )

Measure (or bar) position within the tab ( unsigned int )

Position within measure ( float value between 0..1 )

Score speed until the next sync point. Score speed is expressed as the duration of one beat in milliseconds ( float )


Example - decoding the sync point 55813;21;0.5;648.53


The point has been added to the mp3 waveform at 55813 ms. The values 21 and 0.5 describe the tab position and it means the "middle" of the 21th measure. Assuming that the tab has a time signature 4/4, the "middle" means here the 2nd beat. After this point each beat is played 648.53 ms long.

If you send me the XML and GP files I can look to see if it's really malformed.

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