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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, very first topic in here ! Got an issue with some really, REALLY low bass tuning that are not being detected even with the "fix low tuning" trick (the one where you use the A220 trick to make the game detect it) Basically, when a song has a tuning that goes lower than A (Recently a song form Architects that was requested from me on stream, can't remember wich one ), the game goes nuts and I can't tune properly. Is there any way to fix that ? I've heard about the "emulated bass" trick but couldn't try it yet (will do tonight) where you use the emulated bass option while playing with an actual bass but I think it would require me to tune 1 octave higher and my strings won't handle it … Maybe tweaking the tuner even more and using an A110 for the tuning ? Another question : I'm used to reload my cdlc in real time after adding one by going in the Shop menu (which reloads your songs). Problem is : when you do this after modifying a song, like when you use the low bass fix on a song, you can't use this to reload the song and you're forced to reload the whole game instead. Is there any workaround for this or am I forced to reload the whole game each time ? Thank you all for your time ! Edit : The song is doomsday by Architects, here : http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/doomsday-r32320
  2. Im definitively puzzled by this behaviour. Ive already tried to check files integrity in Steam, which lead it to download some files. It started a few months ago. Ironically more or less when Ubisoft dropped Rocksmith. Ive reached the point where i'll only play a capo song as the last one of the day knowing i'll get it freezed after that. Ive also discovered that the game indeed crashes as soon as you tune with the capo as once it enters the song, it APPARENTLY plays as normal, BUT if you press ESC you cannot qet the pause menu, so it just plays untill it ends and then you get the two speakers background, and stuck there. You can then only force to close the game from Windows and restart it. Just in case i'll mention that ive also discovered my game is not reading new Custom DLC ive added to the game folder. I wanted today to try Tokyo Ghoul Unravel and downloaded 2 versions along with other two cdlc, and even thout I tried several times to reload the game and wait it to read all the content, they did not show in the song menu. Just saying in case there is a connection. Any past Custom DLC is still there and working. I appreciate any hint. I've not tried to reinstall it.
  3. Bass Tuning Always stuck on E Standard since updating... trying to finish v2 of Gojira - Oroborus like many of Gojira's Tracks... everything should be in D Standard... i did the usual in the tookit... the Guitars seems to work fine... but the bass is always E Standard in-game when i check.... even tried to see if it was just off by 2 steps... and tried C Standard setting for bass in the toolkit in hopes of bypassing the problem but it still came out E instead of D... :( and i've never had this issue until updating the toolkit today...
  4. Rocksmith doesn't like to read below a Low C on BASS more n more songs being done with this issue being ignored... If it's TOO LOW Transpose BEAD to CEAD - BASS - Lowest i believe the Game likes... and only lose a a small % of notes for some songs whereis: Korn's Fieldy using 5-string Drops 1-step lower again so no way to get true notes to be recognised... The Mudvayne Dig BASS is a good example, at most i can Score about 60-70% cause the RED Open notes aren't counted...
  5. BASS - CEAD Tuning is lowest RS2014 Likes IMO, NOT BEAD or others... Hence i plan to try many Transposed (From Lower) tracks to CEAD if that works out for us :) Korn is often too low ... but 3/4 of Ball Tongue could be playable on bass... No Outro for us... Can't tune to a low A if we can't even do a Low B ...
  6. Hey Everyone, I have run into an issue that I could use some guidance on. Certain bands that drop tune like Mudvayne, Breaking Benjamin and Parkway Drive use custom A220 tuning. I have put heavy strings on to drop down. Some songs for other tuning works but A220 on the E string will tune down to about 5-7 within tune then bounces to 999. From there it wont tune down. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  7. So I have come to find that after multiple calibrations, double checking my bass and all, using my 6 string bass I cannot get some tunings to work that involve using my low B string, such as Prison Sex by Tool, it will not work.. Anyone else had this problem?
  8. I have a suggestion for the CDLC search page: the option to only show songs in a certain tuning. This can save same time for those people (read: people like me) that don't want to retune, and don't want to sort by tuning and then try to find the first page where their preferred tuning starts.
  9. Hi, I just started working on a "Fields Of Fire"-CDLC-project when I ran into this problem: The song is in non-standard tuning. "All the studio versions of Fields of Fire (except the demo version) are mastered at too fast a speed. As a result they end up midway between the key of E and the key of F instead of D." "As with many Big Country songs, the version on Buffalo Skinners is mastered at the wrong speed so you'll need to re-tune your guitar by half a semi-tone if you want to play along to this version." Is Rocksmith capable of handling this? If "Yes", what do I have to consider when producuing the CDLC? Best, Adrian
  10. Hey Guys, so I just downloaded "Fade To Black" by Metallica. It's an amazing song but there is one problem. I'm a little confused about the song's tuning. Is it E Standard or something else? I played with E standard and it sounded very bad. Any help? Thanks in advance!
  11. I downloaded the version where I can fix the tuning problem for songs that are CDLC. But, the new problem that I have now is, I am not able to play the song at all after fixing it. It is like my keyboard decided to stop working. Any help would be great. I am very new at this and I am just getting a little frustrated. Thanks
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