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  1. Will add more arrangements to my songs (with more notes 😉 ) as soon as I am familiar with the tool to tab lead arrangements etc.

  2. Why is my song still marked "reported"? https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/56057 As I already updated it, I see no reason remaining. Would really like to have this flag removed. Best regards, Adrian
  3. That is a topic I am interested in, too. Did You already find a solution/answer?
  4. So there is no new version? Can the error message be ignored?
  5. P.S. Found Your tutorials and reading through them right now. And I downloaded Your DDCImprover which seems to fix the "wrong cord shapes error", I still get from the running CDLC. A BIG THANKS for these resources!
  6. And how do I produce a Rocksmith 2014 XML file in EOF? I thought I can only select "Rocksmith", but not the version. In the RocksmithToolkitGUI I always choose "Rocksmith 2014".
  7. Solved it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F and generated FHP. In addition to often get this error message when trying to save an EOF. That was not causing the error (missing FHP did) but it is irritating.
  8. Here is the working folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aoy6igec31dd4h2/AAAsvs2qnaPWFCYRCvnK_Rdya?dl=0
  9. I recreated the file in EOF from scratch by importing the GPZ and it crashes at the very same spot. Could it be that the GPZ has information missing?
  10. That is what I thought, too. How do I highlight the right frets in EOF? Is there a setting I have to perform?
  11. After I updatet a song in EOF (adding silence) it crashes Rocksmith 2014. Here is a video of the crash: And here is a view in EOF of the old and the new version right at the position where the crash occurs:
  12. Thx. I was able to solve the problem by deleting the "expert difficulty" and keeping the easy difficulty in EOF. I did not even add the expert difficulty myself (at least that is what I think).
  13. I think the thread I posted in the section is more a topic for this section. As I don't know how to move the topic, I post a link to it here: http://customsforge.com/topic/62981-scroll-speed-problem-and-view-is-not-moving-to-notes/
  14. Hi, I have the following problems with a new version of a CDLC I have created. In the old one ghost notes did appear but it ran at the "correct speed" and the Rocksmith view scrolled to the notes beeing played. See video here: In the new one I have the impression of scroll speed beeing too fast (so it is not out of sync) and the Rocksmith view is stuck at the notes/fret from the beginning. Where can I fix these errors? Is that an EOF thing or a Song Creator problem? Some more information: Here is a view at the old file with the sections and difficulty: Here is the new file - it
  15. I have trouble with getting my Editor on Fire to work on my laptop... I tried to uninstall it and reinstall a couple times, but it still freezes and I'm not able tot do anything. It may be related to updates or something like that, so it would be great if someone here could point me into the right direction what to do/try. Thx a lot.
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