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  1. I have a problem with Rocksmith 2014. It is not working anymore on my pc. When I try to launch it via Steam, it tries to start, but then I am back in Steam. Here is a video of what happens, when I try to launch the game: I already un-installed and re-installed. I used the old version, too, which is available via switch. And I validated the games files. There is no valid Rocksmith settings file after re-installation in the game directory. Will this be created during first start of the game? What can cause this behaviour? I used RSDiag, too, and it does not find the game directory automatically, I have to select it. And the diag-file is very short: Rocksmith Location: O:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014 Valid CDLC DLL: False DLL Type: None Valid Game: False Potential Red Flags:
  2. I need some help on syncing of audio (MP3) and tab (GP5). Here is a video of my process, where I use Go Playalong's automated syncing feature, before I import anything in EOF: But I am not satisfied with the result. And sometimes the automated sync of Go PlayAlong does not work at all. I need help in this area, but it seems my ears are not up to the task. How can I get better? Can You give me Your tipps on - using Go PlayAlong better - trying anther tool - ...
  3. Hi, I wanted to use the "Loading Text" from song properties to display the key the song is in. But somehow neither the "Loading Text" or the frettist info displays when launching the song. Is there a setting I have to make in addition to set? Maybe in the Song Creator's Toolkit? Best, Adrian
  4. Hi, I wanted to inform you that your Saga What's It Gonna Be link has been deleted.

    If you could fix it... thks.

    1. Duesenberger


      Will update this. Thx.

  5. Hi, when I am creating a song the following window appears: This window foloows my mouse cursor which is kind of annoying. Even when I go to my second screen where I want to do something else. Could this behavior of this dialog could be altered so that it stays where I drag it? Best, Duesenberger
  6. Rocksmith is a great tool that helps me rediscover all my favorite songs on a different level.
    I create those songs in my own time for me and post them here in the community for free and "as is".
    I know they are not perfect and are not intended to be so. I am a beginner guitarist and enjoy playing and learning.

    If You like my song versions, too, that is great! Enjoy!  
    If You don't like them - please just move on.
    And if You want to help me improve them, just get in contact with me via message.

  7. Thx for Your comment on my Joe Walsh upload. Would like Your help on getting my songs to the next level. See my answer on the song page. Couldn't send You a message.

    But as I see that You are having to deal with people that don't appreciate the work that goes into our uploads (even though Your CDLC might be far more evolved than mine), I really would like to exchange on that topic with You, too.

  8. When saving an EOF file the dialog box "Edit note frets / fingering" pops up for the chords (I think). What am I supposed to do here? And how do I find out "the best" fingering? Can You recommend a resource that helps with the input?
  9. Why is my song still marked "reported"? https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/56057 As I already updated it, I see no reason remaining. Would really like to have this flag removed. Best regards, Adrian
  10. That is a topic I am interested in, too. Did You already find a solution/answer?
  11. So there is no new version? Can the error message be ignored?
  12. P.S. Found Your tutorials and reading through them right now. And I downloaded Your DDCImprover which seems to fix the "wrong cord shapes error", I still get from the running CDLC. A BIG THANKS for these resources!
  13. And how do I produce a Rocksmith 2014 XML file in EOF? I thought I can only select "Rocksmith", but not the version. In the RocksmithToolkitGUI I always choose "Rocksmith 2014".
  14. Solved it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F and generated FHP. In addition to often get this error message when trying to save an EOF. That was not causing the error (missing FHP did) but it is irritating.
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