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  1. I've kept the previous version of RS which I firewalled. I did a clean install in a new folder, not in the default folder, but on a 2nd hardisk. I confirm that RS Remastered crashes with the dll, at least once every 2 hours, and RS Remastered without dll doesn't. ( I have it on another PC of my kids) It may be because it lists customs, as it did crash when running in the background with no song selected. But up to now, it's no reason to revert to RS2014. But we never know what will mess up one day, as I didn't yet find a way to start RS Remastered without connecting to Steam. So in case we have a net failure, we can't play the game we bought, and which has no online feature ? :angry: Steam are having us by the :melon: :melon:
  2. Yes, I can can do it, great song, I wonder why I didn't already. Thanks for the idea.
  3. It's safe as long as your fingers stay relax. Relax playing is the most important factor to avoid injury. Some song can be relax at 100% speed some other (part of) song can be very stressfull at 20%. It depends on the amount of notes played in beats per second (bps)
  4. Ground loop noise occurs when more electric items have their ground circuits colliding with each other. That's where ground lifts come into action, as they detach one ground circuit, Which ought to be safe, as the lifted item gets grounded by the circuit of the other item. It may even be dangerous to play with ground noise. The solutions exposed here are probably working, but they are expensive, only a chromatic tuner, amp switcher. another pedal, more cables. Also remember that the output to the PC must be clean, raw, not transformed, it must bypass any modification of pedals to allow RS to recognize the notes.
  5. Ever heard of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, yep, Buckethead made a great track about it. It's the kind of injury that results by forcing speed, in which case muscles and nerves gets too much for what they are used to. I had and still have some nerves inflammations in my hands and elbow, not sure if it's the guitar, the brain job with mouse and keyboard, or a bad back sitting too long. I get rid of them by muscle training, strengthening fingers, hands and arms. I know its hard to respect, but whenever you start getting fingers tensing, you should stop. There are a lot of warm up exercises recommended by the best players on youtube. (like John Petrucci) I know that instead, we just pickup up the guitar, we listen to the music, play the hell on the limit or above our level, but we never listen to our own body.
  6. I have the freezing of the latest RST also on windows 8.1, and there was no update I guess. It was working well and then it just happened like that, with no obvious reason. The only change was installing RS Remastered from Steam... I still had a 2.7.1 version on a stick, which worked fine. Updating it to the last beta version, everything works fine again. Well it didn't last long and starts freezing again, 2 days later, so I go on using version 2.7.1. 7b9489e5 And Bug Issues #5 was working fine, but froze again, just minutes after it was working for hours. The only thing I changed was the phrase length in DD Bug Issues #6 was working fine, and then just like that, it freezed. I think it´s something with the configuration procedure. Bug Issues #7 working fine. For how long - the bets are on :D
  7. we have to wait until quantum physics dominate communication systems. But then we may also be able to teleport anywhere in the universe.
  8. i'm playing revert since the beginning, because I was used to play with tabs. even in EOF, the notes are displayed as tabs. I tried the "normal" way, which isn't normal, except for newbornsand I can't do it the "normal" way, (but that's what I'm always told :lol: )
  9. The main advantage of Handshape over the Arpeggio Box is that it shows the fingering on the guitar displayed at the bottom, leaving the RS Highway more easy to read. Your pictures however only show the RS Highway, (just a small detail I noticed in your excellent thread)
  10. The Zoom G5 is on top of my list, anybody else using it ?
  11. I'm back, back on the track of Buckethead

  12. Playing with an Amp give's you more feedback of your own play, when the tone is not mixed with RS in a same output. I let the RS Track out on a 5.1 system A split Y cable may result in ground noise. This may be avoided with a pedal with two jack out. A Harmony shift may be disturbing in C or B, because you still hear the different tuning of your guitar, and that creates an awful mix. The Amplifi 30 may be limited when you need Phaser, Flange, and Wah, with a pedal. The next step would be a Guitar effect processor, with a two jack out, or a ground lift, with a Pedal, to replace my cheap Digitech RP55, which only flaw is no two jack out, no pedal, and maybe limited in simultaneous effects. I can't get a satisfying Santana tone out of it. I just can't decide which Zoom, Line 6, Boss, TC or ... Axe :D
  13. I had the same problem, posted twice because I got a time out net error, and I didn´t know where to report it, so I PM an administrator, who did the correction, thx I never noticed that triangle ^_^
  14. Playing guitar is much of a coordination of two hands, and has in this aspect a lot of similarities with sports. In sport, you were certainly forced to use your both hand or feet, a basketball player must be equally able to dribble the ball, depending on the opponents way to attack you. So in sports you prefer the right hand, then I would recommend playing right handed. I don't think there is any gain by also left hand playing, as you have no opponents when you play (except yourself :P ) However, should you have a bad finger, i.e. a hurting or blocking pinky of the fretting left hand, then being able to fret with the right hand is a welcome solution. I wish I could.
  15. So you knew it, why didn't you stay with win 8.1. You were probably asked a hundred times, and then one day it happened- It upgraded automatically. And Microsoft never said that they would remove parental control, and my kids happily upgraded to win10. I'm just telling this because of your topic title, in case users don't know.
  16. Looks like it's a happy end for everbody :)
  17. I understand we should forgive you, for what you sometimes do. But please, forgive us too, when we have a bad day. I'm still carrying that warning point since 2014, which I see ever time, and it has become rather annoying.
  18. Thanks for restoring the content of that topic. I see nothing wrong when someone running the shop gets paid, service is done and its not much different to paying the service of running the servers, or software tools. However, and I don't want to debate, it's hard to believe in the social help argument, when someone owns 120 steam games. And 3 month ago I PM Unleashed2k about the vanished topic of "4 non Blondes : what's up" but haven't got an answer, yet.
  19. You have my full support, Berneer. Whenever posts are considered to be deleted, there should at least be a procedure to give the author a chance to moderate his comment, or to remove it himself. There should also be a time to get rid of a warning point, after a year or so. I could not read these comments, so I consider myself censored, and I don't like that at all in a community based on cooperation and solidarity. I admit, it keeps me from donating, I'm very sensitive on the subject of free speech in an environment of mutual respect. We all know its a main issue to keep a site polite, and Unleashed2K has done a great job.
  20. This example from my recent "Light Mote" shows what generated FHP does. (with no fingering defined) Index finger is on 10, then the 3rd finger slides up to 15, and the generated FHP calculates a new position 15 for the index finger, when simple logic would suggest the 3rd finger on 15, and the index on fret 13 http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/787b/ojf9c3augxt6geozg.jpg Corrected version with a ghost note: (I like to use the ghost note, to keep the benefit of using generated FHP, after isolated corrections, specially if there are 1300 notes) After a correction, the generated FHP rearranges the next FHP, which sometimes automatically corrects other bad FHP, but sometimes also adds logical errors. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/e60f/3gucijidyf53pyizg.jpg If [ pitch Slide ] then [ FHP = previous FHP + (Slide end Fret - Slide start Fret) ] would do the job right, I guess
  21. Some suggestions : 1. when 10 12 is played with a pull off, and then the next note is 9 or 8, I don't think the pull of from 12 will be executed with the pinky. Instead it would be always with the third finger, and then the index will go down to 9 or 8. 2. Sometimes EOF looks too far ahead, i.e. if there is an 8 several beats ahead, he will position the FHP to suggest playing a hole series of 10, 11 with 3rd and 4th finger, which is not natural. Maybe its better not to look further than 2-3 beats. I think it's always easier to start with a lowest fret, and keep it as long as possible, from the 12th fret even a note on 16 doesn't require a FHP change when a following fret is again a 12th 3. Slides ups are still a mess. Logically a slide up will always cause a change of FHP. Question is which. If a slide goes up from 12 to 14, but then the next note will be a 12 again, it's natural to slide with the 3rd finger, the index will be on fret 10. After the slide, the index will then be on the right 12th fret, which is very helpful, specially if it's played on an other string. Maybe it's just me but I often lose orientation of where my fingers end up after some slides. :lol: 4. One thing I forgot to mention : If on a single note the finger is set to 1, the calculated FHP will set it as a position of the index finger. It may not be a big deal to add a logic that if the finger is set to 3, the position of the index will be 2 frets lower.
  22. Dynamic Difficulty is bullshit, (except for fast unregular repetitions of chords in rhythm parts) just my honest opinion. Why learn a broken series of notes, when at the end they have all to be learned one after the other.. Better off to slow the real thing in Riffrepeater, even speed 1 for very fast arpeggios or solos
  23. Good luck fixing this, ignition was behaving strangely with filters two days ago, hanging up. No access with Opera, Chrome, now. IE loops sending me to the login page, even though I'm logged in. Strangely, with Opera, I can jump right into the database with http://ignition.customsforge.com/ and browse and select pages as usual ( but no Filters on Artist, Album ..)
  24. You should be able to play the Pentatonic scale, in different ways. and for the chords, F-Major barré kind of chords combined with C, G, Am. These are essential, basic. Once you master them, so many customs will become playable at 80 to 90% speed. You can find such exercices in the link given by Firekorn.
  25. I play for a long time with a Y-Splitter, with a Guitar Multi-Effects Processor. With a Realtek onboard soundchip, it's impossible to play Rocksmith with GuitarRig or other (unless using 2 laptops ^_^ ) Which Soundcard (USB for laptop) can mix Asio and Windows Sound (DirectX?), One recording signal (RS Cable) for both applications? because both Rocksmith and ASIO take exclusivity on the soundchip's input, to reduce latency. Would it be possible to use 2 soundchips simultaneously? One for Rocksmith (onboard), the external (USB) for Guitar Rig's ASIO, using a Y-Splitter, and RS Output to the HIFI, and Guitar Rig's output to the Cabinet. By the way, do specialized Soundcards render the Rocksmith tones in better quality ?
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