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  1. All my links that required special permissions have been fixed

  2. I don't make CDLC anymore. Goodbye everyone. Thank you for everything

  3. I tried doing pre-bends (just two tech notes) by placing a half step bend note of 1 on the sustain of the note where the bend begins and a 0 where it releases, but in Rocksmith it starts the bend right at the beginning of the note which then bends more and more until it releases where I placed the 0. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  4. All of my customs are in a single folder on my Google Drive. If I ever lost my original files on my hard drive and Customsforge went under, I'd still have what I have in Google Drive. But zipping all of the customs on here and putting them on Google Drive would be quite the feat. I have 125 customs in my Google Drive folder, and those alone add up to around 5GB. Add in the other hundreds already on CF and the ones being added everyday, I just don't see how what you're suggesting is possible. So like someone else said, backup what you can.
  5. Thanks for the fast fix :o +rep 10/10 highly recommend ^_^ :plus1:
  6. Hello! I tried to import a GP5 tab (that I converted in GP6 from .gpx) into EOF 1.8RC12. It asks me if I want to drop either the thinnest or thickest string because the bass path in the file is for 5 strings. When I press the button to drop the thickest string EOF freezes and I have to kill it in Task Manager. I've tried this about 5 times already with the same result. Luckily I still have an old version of EOF (1.8RC10) and it imported the file without problems.
  7. I take it back. It froze on me just now when I started it up lol. I'll just go back to the previous version
  8. Oops forgot to reply back. I took cozy's advice and redownloaded and it works again. Didn't have to change any settings in my AV.
  9. I updated to the latest build of the tool kit yesterday. The validation version. I made 2 customs. One yesterday and one earlier today and used the toolkit with both files. It worked fine until tonight. It freezes when I start it up and click on it. If you guys need any sort of information more than that I'll be more than happy to provide it. In the meantime I've downloaded
  10. From the perspective of a charter I don't use Dynamic Difficulty because of what it does to the tabs. 99% of my customs are done by ear by myself. That means 1-3 days of tediously hard work of tabbing notes in place. Dynamic Difficulty from what I've seen will take those notes and spread them out across how ever many levels of difficulty the charter chooses to have and messes up the tabs in the final product. For me that's asinine and a no bueno. In case of hard drive failure where I can't recover my files or something like that I have the final files saved in my Google Drive with the tabs exactly the way I wrote/left them, in case I needed to make changes to it. That's why my customs do not and will not ever as long as I make them have dynamic difficulty. Plus I don't see the point seeing as you can slow down a section of a song and learn it the old fashioned way.
  11. hey that's useful info! thanks. I'll use Shift+X from now on.
  12. I've noticed that if I use Ctrl+X to mute a note it just makes an X where the fret number was. However if I edit the note and just clicked the mute checkbox then the number remains. So my question is, if I use the Ctrl+X does that keep the fret number note or does it make it a generic open note mute?
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