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  1. This is really weird and I can't find a reason it would happen. I have approximately 1800 or so songs in my DLC folder both DLC and CDLC. I have two PCs I use to play Rocksmith. On in the house and one in the garage where my big amp etc are. Randomly DLC and or CDLC files will just disappear from the folder as if they were deleted for instance on the PC in the house the Cranberries - Zombie is nowhere to be found yet on the PC in the garage there it is. Likewise, Chris Cornell - You know my name is also missing from the garage PC but on the one in the house. I have played these songs on the garage PC before but now they are Tango Uniform and MIA. As a systems engineer I have checked the obvious, Not in the recycle bin, Event log shows no disk errors, no corrupted files or bad sectors on the hard disk. Im baffled. Not a huge deal as I have all my songs backed up on an external drive and can copy them back to the DLC folder but was wondering if anyone had seen this behavior. The one difference I have noted between the two installs is that the machine in the garage is using the default install path and folder locations while the PC in the house has multiple drives and the install directories are different. Not sure if Rocksmith checks these paths between machines though. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. There are 3 ways to do it... 1) If your amp has a send / rec port for an effects loop you can plug the RS cable into the send but be careful because you can overpower the cable. 2) Add a DI with two output ports to your pedalboard. I have the MXR M80 Di and run the RS Cable out of the second output( clean ) while the primary with the built in boost/ distortion goes to my amp. 3) (Cheapest and simplest) Use the A/B/Y pedal. As Fire said though get one with a ground lift so you can kill any buzzing you may get from grounding issues with the power.
  3. Remastered is a free upgrade. Just patch up from steam or reinstall poof remastered.
  4. Thanks for all your hard work on this. I have a request if possible. I'm an old dude and things ain't what they used to be. Any way we may be able to get the ability to adjust the resolution of the screen? If there is a way how in the blazes do you do it cause i'm going blind working on charts. You may have, and probably have, answered this before but I cant find it. Thanks, NetRngr
  5. I've contacted him and apparently he hasn't checked messages here in a bit. Does anyone have a copy of PC Plum's chart of U2-Angel of Harlem for the PC they would be willing to share? Id really like to get the CDLC but I get a 404 error every time I try and download it. Thanks
  6. I gotta say I recently purchased a Fender P Bass used. It had the factory pickups replaced with Dimarzios and I loaded it up with D'Addario Chromes flatwounds and holy hell the thump. I bought it on ebay with the pickups already installed. The guy selling it was able to give me the entire history with proof of purchase so it wasnt ripped off. He was upgrading. It's a MiM P bass and he was going to AMS. Picked it up for 150 US. Deals can still be found on eBay.
  7. The original is a DLC item. Can't do it even if its a cover. I wish I could , well I can, but I cant post it
  8. Unless the rules have changed, this cant be done as a CDLC as The original track is a DLC from The Mommas and The Papas
  9. Would love for you to make one Vicious. Im working on setting up my system to record my sessions. Banging my head against the wall with the game saying my cable is unplugged but OBS is seeing and outputting the sound. Frustrating
  10. I have like 1600 tracks in mine and have no issues at all. The only issue I have is searching through everything. I recently sat down and went in to non stop play and used those to separate mine into different genres so if I want to play classic rock I play setlist 2, 80s metal setlist one.. etc. If there are songs you dont routinely play you can archive them and just drop them back in if you want to play them but there isnt a limit that I know of other than disk space.
  11. IMHO you really should not be experiencing any lag. I have no input lag at all using the following: Intel i7 3770k no OC Nvidia GTX1060 6Gb (RS graphics maxed) 16 Gb RAM Onboard sound. Win 10 Pro 64 bit My C: is a 450Gb SSD and my storage drives are 1 TB Seagate Hybrid drives. You system should smoke mine. I dont use the ingame instrument sounds however so I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I pretty much gave up on getting an interface to work smoothly with RS and use my pedal board. I plug my guitar into a standard cable that plugs into my tuner, then goes to a compressor/sustainer pedal, then to my MXR M80Di. The MXR has 2 outputs on it. One I plug the RT Cable into and the other goes to my Eden EC10 Amp or to the head unit depending on how badly I want to annoy the wife / neighbors. The game sound I pipe out of the PC into a Techniques 7 band EQ and into a set of Mackie CR3 Creative reference monitors and a Polk Audio powered 10" Sub.
  12. Ok so I THINK I have discovered where the difference lies. Bear with me here. SO as we all know, just like handwriting songs evolve over time and the bazillion times an artist plays the song. They also find things that sound better to them and incorporate them into the song. I think this is where I'm seeing differences and this is what's throwing me. Def Leppard is one of my favorite bands from back in the day and I own pretty much every album they have released save REALLY early stuff you just cant lay your hands on , but Im trying. To this song, The hysteria album was released in 87 and the Rock of Ages Collection was released in 2005. That's a lot of time for a song to evolve, especially a popular one like Hysteria. Given that Ubisoft uses the original studio recordings to create the ODLCs I can see where this differs from the later recordings of the song. Later versions of the song have some differences in the bassline but the original release is pretty much spot on so yeah I see where the issue is. I do have to say that I really like the evolution of the song and prefer the later versions where slight note changes were made such as in the pre chorus: G:---------------------------------------------------------------- D:---------------------------------------------------------------- A:5-5-3-----5-5-3-----5-5-3-----3-2-5--------------------- E:---------------------------------------------------------------- This has a very nice sound to it and is what is in the book however this is charted off of a much later recording. I also found this on a tab someone else wrote and it sounds really nice on the end. In the original its is only done once and the rest of the notes are on the 5th fret of the a string all the way out. Try it with this arrangement and it really sounds nice . G:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A:55555555-------------55555555-------------55555555-----------55555555-------------- E:-------------33333333-------------33333333-------------3333333-------------33333333- Thanks for the input firekorn. As always you are awesome. Give the above a try. It does add a bit of nuance to the bass track.
  13. I'll grab the ODLC noted and post with the sheet music. I've played it both ways and damn if the book doesn't seem to be correct.
  14. I almost inserted a text tab of both. Really I did but I was like man anyone can hear that and just noted the location of the offending notes. Again Im not saying Ubi is doing a bad job at all. I just was wondering if anyone else had noticed it. I'm sure they have their reasons for charting things the way they do it just seemed odd is all. I'm pretty sure none of mine are perfect but I am workin on it ;) Just to be clear this wasn't intended to trash on Ubi in any way nor to get folks up in arms, merely an observation. Making these things is not easy by far. *edited as to not sound like a crack addled monkey*
  15. Well to put it bluntly, phoned in? Don't get me wrong I really dig the fact that they are still cranking out weekly DLC this late into the game but it seems some of the charts they put out dont have a lot of work invested in them. Case in point: Def Leppard, Hysteria There are definite notes that are charged incorrectly in the official DLC. I would give it 98ish percent accuracy. The offending area is mainly in the pre-chorus and the ending. Even a cursory listen can tell the changes. A look at official tab books as well as visualizations of the tracks bear this out. There are others but this is one that sticks out in my mind. It just seems like this was done to make it super simple to play and seems it was thought the majority of people would not notice the difference with the guitar / bass playing over the top. This may be the case but I play with all ingame instrument sounds muted through a decent amp and I may be the only one but it kinda makes me cringe when I hear it. I think I'm going to make a personal version, although I do own the one from Ubi, and I'll play the one I make simply because I want it to be correct. Not sure how the guitar parts play as I am a bassist. Anyone else feel like some of the official tracks have less than optimal charting as well?
  16. For Bass specific tabs that aren't listed on Ultimate Guitar check Big Bass Tabs. That have a good many that arent anywhere else I could find. https://www.bigbasstabs.com/
  17. Don't see the link any more. Is this gone or being rebuilt?
  18. Following JamesPrestonUK's tips syncing up notes just became a whole lot easier. Version 2 of a few songs already released should be inbound soon and a couple more to be released once the sync is nailed. Many thanks to you JP!
  19. I've got a bass version of that. Just needs testing but I never got around to it. As always JPUK, You da man.
  20. Do you have to play in the guitar parts and the bass or can you compete in just the bass path? I completely suck at regular guitar but I am pretty decent as a bass player. Also do I choose which subclass to join or do I start as a Beg and get leveled up? I would like to start competing in this but dont want to screw up my submissions. Thanks
  21. As long as the bass part is included. Hell I would play it just because they put Rabea in it.
  22. I'll look when i get home tonight
  23. I have downloaded several from her. Check out the listing via a browse instead of specific search. All the ones here are for bass only however. I would gladly add the lead /rhythm parts but alas I completely suck at guitar and charting those parts I am worse
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