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  1. Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise Strange error, never see this before: At this point of the song "Shut my mouth and strike the demons" the background vocals turns off till the end. Maybe is something related to the mp3.
  2. Great song! If you want to try: https://vimeo.com/106336769 Beside the germanium drive there is a 5 band Grafiq Eq (not showed in the video) Settings: 63Hz -2db 250Hz -4db 750hz -2db 2.2KHZ 1db 5.7KHZ 5db The Second rack not showed in the video is a Studio Hall Reverb Settings: Decay:29 Diffusion:41 Mix:33% Tone:45 For bass arrangement: https://vimeo.com/106337944 That static noise is due to the volume on max meanwhile recording.
  3. I'm just playing standing up and trying some rockstar wannabe moves. :D Well, at the end i think that the most comfortable chair is that one without armrests. Sometimes i played laying on bed but i can't play with accuracy. :lol: Nice topic.
  4. Well, sometimes i just pause the game in that particular section and i just learn the riff playing it very slowly. When you pause the game, you can see the options also in riff repeater so you cannot see very well the notes. For this reason, sometimes i prefer to record a playthrough of the song and just pause in every section with a better vision of the sections. About the real speed i don't know if is possible to set a different increasing speed.
  5. This is a nice idea, actually there was something like this here: http://customsforge.com/topic/7255-customsforge-original-songs/
  6. :D http://customsforge.com/videos/view-582-red-hot-chili-peppers-the-adventures-of-rain-dance-maggie-cdlc-rs2014-bass-playthrough-on-roof/
  7. I'd like to see a recording studio option, to register my own riff in order to create a song and play it. Multiplayer with 3 arrangements.
  8. This song is great : www.youtube.com/watch?v=htEedGqoGQo
  9. I played 3 times and i like how is charted. Did you have some idea for the final tone?
  10. Did you like these?! :mrgreen: "stand inside your love", "the beginning is the end is the beginning" and "apples+oranges" Did you remember something else about the song?
  11. Journey. :mrgreen:
  12. I've been thiking about "Stand inside your love" or some other tracks from "Adore". Also the end is the beginning is the end is a nice song.
  13. first album: Phil collins - ....But seriously, cassette album, repeat function of walkman player (so 80s, marty mcfly etc etc) stuck on another day in paradise. :mrgreen: First concert: Litfiba (an italian band).
  14. Actually ( i noticed this now) if you listen the demo and see the tab, some parts are repeated so the tab seems to short than the demo, but if you listen the demo, is easily to add those parts.
  15. Yes i was thinking about that format and i'm doing it right now. :mrgreen: At the beginning a slide from E12 (added now, is not on demo) G --------------------- D --------------------- A ---------------------- E --555-777-999999 G --------------------- D --------------------- A ---------------------- E--555-777-999999 G--7-6 D-------7 A---------7 E------------- G ---------------------- D ---------------------- A ----------------------- E--222-444-555555 x2 G--6-7-6 hammer on pull off D -------------------------- A----------------------------- E------------------------------- G --------------------- D --------------------- A ---------------------- E --555-777-999999 G --------------------- D --------------------- A ---------------------- E--555-777-999999 G--7-6 D-------7 A---------7 E------------- G ---------------------- D ---------------------- A ----------------------- E--222-444-555555 x2 G--6-7-6 hammer on pull off --4---2 D -------------------------- A----------------------------- E-------------------------------
  16. The tab is very basic, with some hammer on. I'm not so good to translate in a GP5 file at the moment. I can try to traslate it writing chords and fret.
  17. At the moment i recorded a bass line. I didn't record it with high quality because i'm playing bass with an external amp and the demo 3 mp3 is playing on pc and i recorded everything with the recorder of windows. :mrgreen: I wanna also try to add some guitar parts. hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/e6vc4a :oops:
  18. I like the demo so much. I'll try to figure out something to add.
  19. http://oi60.tinypic.com/riww3k.jpg http://oi57.tinypic.com/t000hz.jpg http://oi60.tinypic.com/9apxf7.jpg
  20. Did you ever think to make a custom?! :oops: (one day, in the future, well not so distant future :mrgreen: ). This band is incredible never customized in Rocksmith.
  21. This could be nice! Yesterday i was thinking something like this as an option inside rocksmith, to recorder your song or your riffs. A sort of recording studio but actually you can also create a custom of your original song. Well, i think that is a nice idea play an original song composed with common efforts.
  22. I always imagine him composing always everywhere, also during breakfast with the guitar and a cup of coffee. :mrgreen: I think that simply if you love something so much, in this case music, you wanna express yourself in that way so you are not tired to do what you love.
  23. For me it's ok. :mrgreen: I hope one day to see the entire discography but is impossible because in this moment he's probably composing a new bunch of awesome songs! :mrgreen:
  24. With violin tune?! :-P Did you know "Skunk Anansie" ? Great bassline!
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