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  1. and a little bit of flanger.
  2. You could try to export this one from here. http://customsforge.com/page/customsforge_rs_2014_cdlc.html/_/pc-enabled-rs-2014-cdlc/stand-inside-your-love-r21049 I don't remember if it's the same but it should be. It's just an emulation, of course.
  3. So, apparently i was sleeping. :lol: Thank you so much!
  4. The mouse is perfectly working (scroll function included). The middle button worked very well with all the previous release. Strange fact: Also using N key on the new eof doesn't work.
  5. Exactly, that's not working (pro guitar note dialog display doesn't appear) eof1.8RC12+hotfix 17/04 but the middle wheel seems responsive to make a sustain. I'm trying to redownload again --> same bug Well, at the moment i'm happy to complete the custom with the old one eof. Eventually i could wait for the new one or maybe i don't know, is possible to share an eof folder (without projects) so i can test it? It's ok, thanks for your help. Cheers! ^_^
  6. I'm using this new version right now and i have this issue (it's the first time and i don't know how to solve this at the moment). When i select a note clicking on the scroll wheel button, nothing happens. I need to transcribe manually a song. And also when i launch eof: Warning: The abridged RS2 file export prference is enabled. XML files are only supported in Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit Ensure you have a new enough toolkit or disable this option in File<Preferences>Import/Export Thank you for your help. Cheers! EDIT actually i'm using an old version and is working pretty good but i would like to solve that issue anyway. Thank you.
  7. For my current project i've used a different version (launched as admin) of eof -->eof1.8RC10(r1337) (build 3-4-2016) and it doesn't save as the other one version (build 2-15-2016) and the xml files are not even in the folder of the projec. It just saves notes.eof file. With the last eof i can import the tab but it doesn't save also. It seems a bug or a sort of. If i try to import the project on a different version of eof (for example in the current one i've used usually without issues) the tab is not even loaded. It's a long tab that i transcribed manually so i could start again with the other version but if there is a solution could be better or at least to export the tab as a gp pro in order to use it. solved
  8. tron001

    voltron theme

    yeah is like a slide with distortion. possibly 12-17 blue chord
  9. tron001

    voltron theme

    from 0:48 till 0:51 seems green chord 15-17-15 purple chord sustain-15 purple chord x3-19 purple chord then blue chord 12-14-17 then repeat
  10. I think that in that part you made the right changes, just at the end of the chorus it goes on 22 orange again( but you tabbed 21 orange) as you did in the previous part of the chorus. So you have to change just that 21 orange in 22 orange at the end. It' a very simple change. If you ear the song in that part it goes high on 22 orange. Volumes are well balanced. For the rest is nice! So you picked the other tone! :lol:
  11. It's the error about too much pedal effect inside the tone? I just opened the custom on rstoolkit and i can add those tones, but i cannot edit tones selection (tone selector is unclickable). I'll wrote tone settings. flaute tone -27.0 vol (volume of the song is pretty high so probably the volume of the tone should be increased) RackTape Echo Delay 230.0044.0062.0068.000.00 Studio Chorus Modulation 0.5065.0067.0044.0020.0022.0022.00 Pre PedalTremolo:TremOle' 75.0050.0010.00200.00 Amp/Cabinet (Bass) CSS-300B 45.0088.0058.0044.0068.00 Marshall 1960 TV Ribbon_Cone Long PedalDynamic: Noise Gate -53.0081.00 the other tone -21.7 Vol RackStudio Parametric EQ Filter 5.00400.00-7.50270.001.00-10.507.801.00-3.005.60 Studio Chamber Reverb Reverb 66.0080.0034.0060.00 Pre PedalDynamic: Compression 66.0030.00200.00 Amp/Cabinet CL-SS 90 1.0085.0051.0040.00 CSS-212C Dynamic_Edge Loop PedalDelay: Analog Delay 350.0092.0041.00
  12. I like how is tabbed (considering that was done by ear) and is playable. At the intro (the first) i'm not sure if should be go to 12 orange instead of 12 green as you tabbed later. I tried the intro with a flaute tone. It's quite near, maybe needs some adjust if you wanna try it or if you consider to add a flaute tone there (a synth was added for sure, it seems a mix between a sort of a flaute tone and a synth tone). https://www.sendspace.com/file/gcrumn I noticed now, that when it goes from 21 orange 19 blue is not well synched with the song (it's going late) and is not always 21 orange - 19 blue but it goes also from 22 orange -21 blue and then 19 green should be 20 i think. I played the intro also with his tone and despite it not a flaute tone it gives me shivers :wub: (considering it in the actual arrangement). https://www.sendspace.com/file/nyh69v
  13. Tabbed large part of the intro (that sort of flaute part included) and added some other notes. Check till 2:44 https://www.sendspace.com/file/c0bbof
  14. hi Xstatic! you mean this part? https://www.sendspace.com/file/uztppf Tabbed manually (not properly synched, just by ear) and is not complete. It's just a portion but should be easy to copy/paste for the rest. Tabbed some other notes at 2:00. Great song (ending title credits) and movie of course.
  15. I'll have a look. ;)
  16. This is pretty awesome :o
  17. It's not really easy to replicate due the lack of some specific effects on RS. https://vimeo.com/141990219 I'll do some other tweaks and i'll share it.
  18. If you are looking also for Gremlins score (bass included), was made also by Xstatic! :lol: http://customsforge.com/topic/11627-the-gremlin-rag/?hl=gremlins
  19. https://www.sendspace.com/file/49frvh This is the same version but i tweaked the clean tone if you wanna try it. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ou64jg
  20. Inside the archive, there is an eof file with bass path improved with slap tech notes and i revised a little bit the tab at the end (by ear). I added also a tone for the solo (lead). I played several times the solo and it doesn't seems badly tabbed to revise completely so i didn't change it. https://www.sendspace.com/file/zni55c It could be improved further, but at this stage, it's not so bad. I would left this in workshop so we can keep to improve it more. Cheers.
  21. I tried instant crush. The bass tab it's not so bad. I noticed (by ear) that in the chorus there are some notes redundant (some notes not in the right chord and they needs slap tech note). I could take a look to the eof if you share it. Guitar path seems pretty solid. The solo doesn't seems so bad tabbed (maybe few errors, i need to try it more with another tone i'm doing). Cheers
  22. The custom tone seems working (tested on real bass). About the tone, there is too much distortion/bass overdrive (for me).
  23. "Weight of love" could be awesome too. :lol: Promising tone inside.
  24. Seems they played also Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love. :lol: My hero was acoustic according to the setlist i found. Nice.
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