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  1. Yep, same here all good on chrome, win 10 and 7. If it didn't sort itself out, thank you to whoever sorted it.
  2. Yep, same here. I use Chrome if that helps anyone.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about Panic Switch :) cheers
  4. Cheers folks, i've just started with CDLCs so just learning stuff at the moment. Tron, cheers for the input, again, never touched tones before, so, again, i'll need to concentrate more on them as and when I get up to a better standard.
  5. Oh, that's a bit rubbish. So i've just got to hope that it sounds good :( Thanks for letting me know.
  6. Hi, sorry if this is common knowledge but after a quick search I can't find my problem on here. Basically I add a custom bass tone to my cdlc and it doesn't come through in game (always default) I use emulated bass to test sync etc It works fine for lead/rhythm but not bass :( Would someone test this cdlc for me please, to see if it's just my side of things not picking it up http://customsforge.com/topic/22461-sort-of/ I want to sort this before I do any more. Many thanks in advance.
  7. But what if I don't like it and want to say thank you :P
  8. Anyone know why the thanks button doesn't show up when I click a tune from the database? Sometimes I have to use the database as I don't know a lot of the titles for songs and go for the artist instead. I hate not clicking the thanks button when I get a song :(
  9. 2 versions on pc for me, one on steam for paid for dlc then "another" one for CDLC Hated first rocksmith on ps3, was laggy as hell, froze loads etc so didn't bother again on ps3.
  10. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you on the AM customs. Just d/l all of them, going to have a serious Monkeys session tomorrow :)
  11. Haha, love that last pic ;) Great playing on the first gig too. Keep it going.
  12. Without a doubt Three Little Birds by Bob Marley theres cdlc for it and go here for the ultra easy acoustic lesson..... http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BS-101-ThreeLittleBirds-BobMarley.php The suggestions above are fine but if you want a song that EVERYBODY knows then this is the one in my opinion.
  13. Beginner Lead 98.34% http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261890081
  14. Ah ok, I thought that was a bit odd lol
  15. Ok here's my beginners score 103.6% http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=261850909
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