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    Guitar, gaming, movies. Long walks on the beach. Roleplaying in Dungeons and Dragons.
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    Dean, Barcelona, Stratocaster x2, Jammate, and an Epiphone Custom PRO
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  1. Happy Birthday Anastrian!

  2. Happy Birthday Anastrian!

  3. Tool hopefully. Touring now but haven't seen any lineups in the midwest. would be my dream concert
  4. 10,000 Days by Tool. Their most underrated album I would say. So emotional and meaningful. 3 years ago I had my high school class analyze "The Pot" by Tool to find out the meaning of the song. Took them 2 class periods, 2 hours. So beautiful.
  5. I got an Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO, built in china. looks amazing but it seems like everything from there has at least ONE little error. Beautiful guitar, gold hardware, no marks on the finish, screws and nuts on tight. But one of the pickups is pretty low. Easy fix though.
  6. ---------- If you already meet the above things, please answer a few questions for us so we can review them and get you your shiny red name: Why do you want to be a moderator? I have free time and I come to the site quite a bit. Especially in the mornings before I practice and record. What do you bring to the Customs Forge community that is unique to you? I believe I have a different personality and could offer a differ point of view on some things/topics. (Im a communist Baha'i, just to show I'm a different kind of character lol, which is a pretty darn rare thing to see.) Cake or Pie? (this is important) Pie. Cake is too sugary. Pumpkin pie especially since this is important! How much time do you spend on the site daily? About an hour, maybe more. I log in at least 3 times a day. Have you filled out your profile information on the site? Yessss I have Have you ever been a Moderator anywhere else before? I've been a moderator on quite a few forum cites, including gaming community sites. I was into WoW guilds. Still am the head of a group. Does Facebook mod count? :s Can you follow instructions? Yes
  7. Need this song made :p thanks if anyone helps, tabs, http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hammerfall/last_man_standing_tab.htm video,
  8. I have A Perfect Circle's Waterfall of Names tattoo'd down my left leg. First tattoo, don't regret it. Still awesome.
  9. Dragon Age: Origins! Also play Dota 2 regularly. and Europa Universalis 4. IF you guys wanna game with me my steam is on my profile, just add me
  10. Im from Mansfield Ohio, near Columbus. Anyone who would be up for some collaboration just message me. And yeah, would be a nice forum classfield
  11. Yes I know it seems odd to post this here, but there's not a big music community really where I'm from. I'm looking for one or two people with whom I can make a alternative/rock band... If long distance we could record seperately then edit our parts together. It'd be really awesome if there were someone in the Ohio area. I play lead and rhythm, I also had a bass and have experamented with that, as well as the violin.
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