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  1. Sweet, thanks and good luck! Yes I like the challenge of master class
  2. Is anyone planning on doing the Dream Theater one on bass? I think we just have 2 submissions so far ^_^
  3. I know I'm an infrequent poster here but i would be considered master class and thus my advanced postings would not be eligible to win right? I don't want to take top spot for advanced.
  4. I see where you're coming from but I would encourage you to try harder to get a higher score in the advanced ranking. You're a bit of a black sheep, maybe too good for intermediate but struggling a little with advanced... though I don't think your level should mean that you are consistently getting 90s the whole time, and I don't expect myself to get 90s in master class either. As the difficulty of songs go up so do the complexity of the techniques, if you notice a pattern of things you fail at then I'd encourage you to practice it and practice it, it could mean the difference of that 10% you're looking for . Finally I don't think any of us will get better without challenging ourselves, if intermediate is too easy for you then you will not get much better playing on that level. People ask me how I've gotten as far as I have in only 4 years of bass through Rocksmith and I tell them this, "Challenge yourself. When you're uncomfortable it means you are growing as a person, it's a good thing."
  5. Oh yeah so I'd give the Dream Theater song an 8 on bass.
  6. Figured I'd do a playthrough as it's easy to cheat with songs like this. Played on the 5 string bass path. It gave me notes I probably should have gotten but then made me miss some notes I felt like it should have detected (maybe I was off-rhythm I dunno?) so I think it balances out, and at least it's honest where you can see where it gave me notes I didn't hit. 4th time playing the song, it's actually quite fun. Good luck to everyone else! I encourage you all to record yourself playing.
  7. Sneaky scores got the win while I was sleeping Good luck everyone!
  8. I did better on the master class song than the beginner one lmao This one didn't recognize my chords very well
  9. Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven for bass Such a beautiful fretless bass arrangement
  10. Ah crap I think I had the winning score until we lost all the posts. Will this still count towards XP?
  11. It also was in Open A instead of Drop B with a broken camera lmao
  12. I've played every multitrack available for download on this site, they're very fun, and helps me know how I'm doing as a bass player.
  13. It's probably because they don't use the package ID for cherub rock, can you name one that doesn't work?
  14. You're welcome to make it on your own but CF can't allow any official songs uploaded
  15. system of a down was a favourite in my noob days :D
  16. damn not only did noony beat my score but she also did a playthrough
  17. it's a good song but so boring to play that i had trouble keeping a notestreak, it should be on intermediate not master class.
  18. so so many of us miss your streams man

  19. can I have beginner bass songs too difficult pls
  20. I can get 100% its just a tricky rhythm, and I'm not particularly fond of megadeth. here it is in two different playing techniques (i play better on the fingered one). https://youtu.be/L0wBtZ1EpLA https://youtu.be/bPp-TqkZu9c
  21. trying something a little different. recording every single time I participate in the rocksmith championship. first 40 seconds i am completely out of time because i'm nervous about recording my playing (promise it gets a lot better throughout!) i encourage everyone else to do the same :D also anyone else interested in a friendly competition of cannibal corpse accuracy?
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