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  1. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    Adopted Black Sabbath - "God is dead?". Still hadn't got time to finish "The headless game"
  2. I dunno that band... But if you've got good guitar pro tabs - you can easily make CDLC on your own with our tuts on that site ;)
  3. BeZi

    Adoption System

    Great idea - on SA there were many great customs, which disappeared with that site...
  4. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    W.I.P. -> Edguy "The Headless Game" Almost done - still need to make sections and add RR, then tones. Rest is done
  5. Ernie Ball 12-56 (dark green) are IMO best - it's possible to play in E St. and downtune to C# St. or C Drop D w/o regulation of guitar (scale: 24 3/4") - in lwoer tunings strings are just... I was thinking about baritone set 13-72... On one hand with 13-72 I'd be able to downtune to some B or A tunings, but I won't be able to tune back to E st. w/o regulation of guitar (Truss rod? I've forgotten an english name of it :D).
  6. Checkout tech notes tut, especially part with multibend. http://customsforge.com/topic/890-tech-notes-tutorial-authoring-complex-bends-and-more/
  7. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    Updated tones: Edguy - Painting on the Wall Edguy - King of Fools Fixed bends: Hunter - Imperium Uboju
  8. Ofc except CDLC of your own song... ;) Then? I dunno - I think that it depends from Rocksmiths licence...
  9. EB Slinky 12-56... But now I think, that I'm gonna swap em for 13 - ?. To be able to play also in B Drop...
  10. Judas Priest - "Breaking the law" Sabaton - "Ghost Division" Maybe some Edguy? Eg. "Superheroes" Joy Division - "Disorder" Bi2 - Polkovnik
  11. I had (before reinstall) old version of Dance of the Death from SA - still there isn't any good CDLC of it - only difference between "DoD" from SA and this from CSForge is clean tone in intro - rest is messed up in both
  12. Check out how steam trading works then ;) Even on sales it's possible to buy games, much cheaper than via steam store
  13. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    Finally re-made: Sabaton - Ghost Division
  14. @up: After save occurs the same thing. Also after saving and importing arrangement into Toolkit I can choose almost every tuning, except E Standard - only way to choose it is to manually set it. What's more - names of RS sections aren't displayed - I can see only red line in it's place, but no name.
  15. Also wait for community's votes ;) There are often discounts about 66% (Yes, RS wcould be discounted 66% too, but it has lost in vote). BTW to buy it cheaper you can always buy keys from tf2 and then trade 'em for Rocksmith from Russians via sites such as http://www.tf2outpost.com/. For example here sb sells it for 13 keys. So it gives about 22€ for Rocksmith.
  16. If you buy it on Steam - ya can use it on all platforms which RS for steam supports, and yes - you can use it in offline mode But RS2014 uses via steam also UPlay - but I think, that also it supports an offline mode... BTW If you are going to buy it on steam - then wait for sumemr sale (19-30.06) - there's always a chance to get (even up to 90% discount) for RS - last year biggest was about 50-60%
  17. Isn't this project dead, is it? It'd be great if sb implemented option to export this sheets into gp files
  18. Then - sorry, but it's really annoying when people instead of reading are posting tons of topics with same questions :) So: check out tutorials in board to which I gave link, you will need guitar pro tab to import to EoF after importing mp3... http://customsforge.com/topic/1922-how-to-make-pc-cdlcs-for-rocksmith-2014-tutorial-wscreenshots-by-darjusz/ - I think it's one of best tutorials for begginers ;) I think, that ya will find every answer ya need in there. And again - sorry for that ;)
  19. So I'd like to request tones for 2 of my Edguy's CDLCs: 1. King of Fools 2. Painting on the Wall BTW will ya only stream or also record (so anybody could watch 'em later) at least 1-2 stream sessions?
  20. First - the most important thing - you must start thinking... There's no way to make CDLCs w/o it Then go read FAQ and this: http://customsforge.com/forum/58-help-tutorials/
  21. I'm gonna do Masters of the World and Panzerkampf - maybe next week
  22. BeZi

    BeZi's Workshop

    I'm sorry but I haven't got enough time to make CDLCs now - I'm gonna finish "The Headless Game" and take a longer break... Rest of ideas for future is hidden in spoiler m/
  23. I was thinking about it yesterday evening - and I would use same finger indication, but maybe there is any more comfortable way to play this chord (maybe transposing it?)
  24. I'm arranging guitars for my new CDLC... And I've got a lil' problem with Rhythm part - on one hand it must be playable, on the other it should be as close to original as possible (Yes, it's combo based on keys). So I've got progression: E|---------------------|B|-4----4----4--4-4-4--|G|-5----5----3--3-0-3--|D|-6----6----5--5-6-5--|A|-6----6----6--6-6-6--|E|---------------------|Any ideas what to do with "4066" chord? It can be played then as (barre): E on 4th, C on 3rd, *here that 4066*, C on 3rd... But again - problem of "4066"
  25. @up: Very easy is also Sabaton's "Ghost Division", most of Joy Division's songs... Rhythm from Metallica's "Enter Sandman" Deep Purple's "Perfect Strangers" (except solo)... "Don't bring me down" by Electric Light Orchestra... Many, many songs - just name genre :) @EDIT: How could I forget - Omega "Gyöngyhajú lány"
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