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    "ELSA" CUSTOM BUILT/Semi hollow Body Telecaster with P90's and custom wiring.

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  1. Here are some pictures of the sexiest female guitarist ever. Got these when she performed here in Cleveland at the Rib Fest from Scene (A local Cleveland Free Magazine)
  2. You Sir...Are very much appreciated. TY for some great stuff! Looking forward to your future BLUES sets! Electric Mud _ By Muddy Waters perhaps.....(Hint- Hint) :D
  3. Awesome post. There is nothing better in the world than "WOMEN". But than again... A "WOMAN WITH A GUITAR" is way better :) Rock On Ladies!
  4. Sweet man! Awesome to see you on here. Stay in touch.
  5. My Custom Guitars I build them.....
  6. TY. That's all I was asking. I can understand the frustration of people asking the same questions on topics. I did read through the forums and also tried using the program, looking on you tube and all. Just for someone who has never done this for ROCKSMITH OR RSII it is somewhat challenging not knowing about what you had posted above about TABS To import and the EOF. TY for explaining this as this is exacty what I wanted to know. Awesome and THANK-YOU for the link it is really appreciated.
  7. Yeah... I went there and reading forum topics on the subject. Still need more answers and tips. That's why I posted. Not trying to be a smart ass but I am smart enough (And did) research in the forum first. So your "THINKING" comment is not really appreciated. But there is always one out of a million who has a smart ass comment.
  8. TY for posting this. I asked how to do this in the forum and got a smart ass comment in return from a user. No Bigger, Just a newbie. And your post is much appreciated and helpful. TY! Flip.
  9. I have a list of MP3's that I wan't to convert for RSII 2014. After looking in the CDLC collection the songs I want are not listed or not created yet. I would like to know the steps of creating my own CDLC for the game using MP3's.... Where do I start? I downloaded the toolkit & have no-idea what to do or where to start. Possibly someone does this here and could give me a hand with this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Also you can research covering an electric guitar with fabric or rock t shirt. Pretty cool application.
  11. I have done guitars like this but most people use fabric. You can go to any craft store and get it and use MOJ POJ and then clear coat, sand (wet sand) and repeat....
  12. Hoping to see some of the following songs done for RSII : Suicidal Tendencies, Johnny Winter, Ted Nugent, ZZ TOP and alot more musicians that really can play guitars.

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