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  1. @@Weezer Nope but it does sell... ppl will buy it no doubt 'bout it
  2. Found this Tribute page to JJ... great stuff and footage there! EDIT: btw @justgimmethefunk, can ya add Stevie Wonder's Do I Do to the list? it does deserve a place on the list!
  3. @@justgimmethefunk Love this kind of rare footage! I think it's JJ & Uriel Jones, but i might be wrong... judging by the facial expresion a fight was just about to break out in the club :) what's the small box plugged into the input of JJ's bass?
  4. 'James Jamerson' Motown Medley released!

  5. That's what am talkin' about! Just an sneak peak of my next high quality custom! https://vimeo.com/141734361

    1. Stowy


      Hell yeah :D Ain't that peculiar. You have to set these free, man.

    2. bernixix


      This one might be my final homage to the man behind the shadows of motown! Stay tuned most likely releasing it today ^^

  6. released @ 10/06/2015 my James Jamerson's 3-pack: Jr. Walker and the All Stars - Home Cookin', The Marvelettes - Don't Mess with Bill, Diana Ross & The Supremes and The Temptations - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

  7. @@Sakata nice video and great playthrough dude! I hope is it ok if i use it as the official playthrough video in my cdlc. I wasn't aware of these issues with slides. Thanks for giving me a heads up! Moved them to unpitched and it should be ok now! here's the new v2.3 and the NDD version also updated it in its cdlc page!
  8. Hey James! Thanks so much for all the HQ-work you've put out lately. I'm enjoying it so much and i think i can also speak for the bassist community here :) see you on the scoreboard! ^^
  9. ohhh yeah let's get some heavy riffs on mc this week :) hope you enjoy playing it guys!
  10. Working on a James Jamerson 3-pack ~ bass only :) The bands selected are: The Marvelettes, Diana Ross & the Supremes and Jr. Walker & The All Stars. I promise thoroughly revision!

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    2. bernixix


      You're gonna enjoy it Noons :D meanwhile I encourage you to check out my yesterday's JJ release from Jr. Walker and the All Stars. It's honey for flies! :)

    3. Stowy


      Oh man. Dis gun be good! :happydance


      bernixix, have you ever heard any of Tammi Terrell's stuff? There's a set on Come On And See Me: The Complete Solo Collection from 'Live at the Roostertail' ... It's well worth a listen. I can't find any resources on who was in the band supporting her but it's widely reputed to be Earl Van Dyke and members of the Funk Brothers.


      Here's it is here..



      I don't request songs. I just thought you'd appreciate some flat out funky bass playing. *ahem* :loosens tie.

    4. bernixix


      Hellacious! Stowy buddy, that's very thoughtfull! It's a shame that the Motown thing bright era was so brief... rythm section was so damn tight... the way they locked into a groove


      Cheers dude!

  11. Coming with another gem to add to this yet delightful list, @justgimmethefunk cheers guys!
  12. Saw that it's your birthday today @NoonyDeloony so I figured I'd wish you a happy birthday! ^_^ I hope you go out tonight and do have a superb day ~ get really drunk and make some bad decisions! :)
  13. Let's do this! gotta need to participate when week's selection is so damn interesting! ^^ http://i.imgur.com/h4vcvy5.jpg And there goes my h-socre @ 51th try :D http://i.imgur.com/AXc6Zwy.jpg
  14. Kalltoloo update! Version 2.3 (N-DD 2.3) --> many changes on lead and rythm arrangement pretty thanks to the great for providing help. No changes on bass as yet from v2.2... Sorry dude @then3verend you might have to relearn some parts as changes are notable haha
  15. @ I see! replied your message let's continue there :P
  16. @ Great! ^_^ About tones, @Nacholede pointed out being too quiet so I turned them up a little bit with the last version update. I also believe that a little bit quieter tones should find a better volume balance, but it's hard to tell myself since I have a shitty guitar and we probably differ in mixer volumes or cable tone gain settings. Anyway I'm going on vacation tomorrow B) B) So if i can't pull a "definitive" K-toloo version tonight it will have to wait until i'm back home.. In any case, please, , could you send me these fixes when you can so I'll now what to fix? :)
  17. @@albatross213 mmm I might need some help to fix this... maybe 2 tired to figure out... will take a look at it tomorrow!
  18. Kalltoloo update! Version 2.2 (N-DD 2.2) --> added missing notes in lead arrangement right before that explosive outro kicks in! Since there is a 4 tone swap limit and that arrangement didn't have any clean tone, I had to get rid of one tone... let's see if you find out which one and see if it works :rolleyes: Dude, you're very observant! Gotta thank your sharp ear for that, otherwise surely wouldn't have noticed! Listening these notes very carefully resulted in something like 5-6-6-8-5-6-5-6p-5h-5 which is indeed pretty close to your proposal. Thanks again :)
  19. Updated Ka-too-loooo to version 2.1 (N-DD 2.1 version) :lol: based on your first impressions. Changes from 2.0: Bass --> Added a few missing notes that were considered ghost by eof. Improved slides and sustains: 20th bends should be more recognizable!Lead --> Added missing notes at the pre-solo. Added some slides and improved few sustains.General --> Turned up slightly lead & rythm tone volumes. Since I might be updating this song more often, not going to update tholo's thread until it gets its final version. So be wary of my test updates in this thread pl0x! B)
  20. Released Anthem Version 4.0! Read changes @ release notes for detailed info. Thanks for your help guys! This should be final version :D
  21. @@Berneer What a great song! I'm not really into Blaze solo career but I really liked this one. What's really awesome is that you actually got an answer from Blaze, which is really rare and means a lot from the guy behind the artist imo... Not just that, he also seemed to agreed on providing you an official tab - The Tab! I've always admired that engineering process your customs follow and it's top notch resulting quality... so I bet he's going to be no less than astonished and speechless haha :D
  22. Hey @Berneer let me fatten this glorious discography with one of their most underrated songs imo ^^ Hope to have made it some justice :)
  23. Yeah, thanks for your feedback @@Latsch ! ^_^ I'm all aware that the solo has still some improvement to be perfect (stated in the release notes), but I can tell you that compared to the gp file it came with it's a lot better now :) I already made some work on it but... since I don't play guitar I can't distinguish licks like the one you mentioned (which I agree it's missing but not sure about the notes you proposed). I was able to fix these - I believe! Improved solo version and its corresponding N-DD. If someone wants to test it and help fixing would be welcome as well B)
  24. Hi @raynebc, I think arpeggio mark shortcut (ctrl + shift + G) was lost since the last hotfix. Not sure if problem might be in my end but tried to restart eof without luck.
  25. Anthem's version 3.0 is up! I've also added a N-DD version. You can see version changes at the release notes of the thread.
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