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  1. As Xstatic said, don't give up. My first custom took me 2 weeks to chart and it had a lot of mistakes. Now I can chart a custom in a few hours (if I concentrate) and usually has only minor mistakes.
  2. A lot of charters (myself included) don't own a bass, so we just slap on a bass tone and hope it sounds good. You can assign your own tones in the tone designer. As Firekorn said, please let the charter know, because most of the time he won't even know that there is a problem with the bass.
  3. Open up the toolkit (latest version) and click Low Bass Tuning Fix, then select you psarc file. That should fix the bass.
  4. I think that if someone doesn't make a tone, it will just use a clean tone. Most people include tones in their CDLC.
  5. Here is my first inlay, hope you guys like it! Dream Theater Inlay http://i1380.photobucket.com/albums/ah181/danielmsmith96/DreamTheaterInlayPreview_zpsab000b34.png
  6. Finished Customs: Please Note: Difficulty and Heaviness scores are a comparison of only my CDLC (Ex. Animals as Leaders - CAFO has a 10 because it is the most difficult custom that I have charted but it may not be the most difficult on the Customsforge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Song Name (Difficulty) (Tuning) (Heaviness)
  7. You did a fantastic job tabbing out all of the techniques, I'm impressed how well you used "Tech Notes" and "Link Next Statuses". It all seems to be correct. The CDLC is getting the bug where the tone gets set to clean (Luckily the tone in the song is clean anyway) but after you exit the song it stays clean until you restart Rocksmith. To fix this I think you just need to repack it with the toolkit. With this CDLC fingering doesn't really matter, because I don't recall seeing any chords. Fingering is useful for Chords and Arpeggios. I didn't even notice. Don't kill yourself trying t
  8. All of the "Dying Fetus" CDLC at the moment was charted by "timthetoolman". Apparently he got banned, so I guess he removed his CDLC from his mediafire. Sadly I don't listen to Dying Fetus so I can't help you here, but we have two options to fix this. 1. Someone who already has the Dying Fetus CDLC could use the "Adoption System" on it or 2. Someone could chart it from scratch
  9. I'll recommend some songs that I charted: Thomas Giles - Hypoxia (Whole song switches between [F#], [F] [A# minor], there are few power chords in 1 section) Thomas Giles - Scared (The Verses switches between [D#] and [C minor]) (The Chorus switches between [G# major7], [F minor] and [G#]) (The intro and outro are finger picking, so it might be a bit tricky) Koji Kondo - Gerudo Valley (Rhythm guitar has [A6], [D], [E] and [C#] repeating throughout the whole song) From Zelda:Ocarina of Time Dave Matthews Band - Ga
  10. If you like Veil of Maya, then you should check out The Faceless.
  11. I had to switch my download links to mediafire. Google really let me down this time.
  12. Here's a tutorial that should be helpful. It is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it. My first custom took me almost 2 weeks to chart, now I can chart a custom within 3 hours if I stay very focused. "Do you have to create the custom tone yourself through tone designer?" No technically you do not have to, but I don't see why you wouldn't, but you do have to create the tone in the Toolkit. Most people create a nice sounding tone in the tone designer then they just copy all of their settings to the toolkit. After your first custom it will get much easier, trust me. Hope this
  13. I think any of these ideas would be a nice addition to the customsforge, but in my opinion Saito gave the best suggestion. Have multiple difficulty categories for different techniques, and the charter of the song should be competent enough to decide the proper difficulty levels.
  14. "Packing the Song" is the last step when charting a custom song. It is the step where the charter combines all of the needed XMLs, Song Audio, and Album Art. Therefore, "Repack the Song" means to redo that step. You will need the Rocksmith Toolkit to do this. Hope this helps
  15. I also think it is a great idea, the only problem is that everyone sees certain songs at different difficulties. What might be impossible for me might be easy for you. I suck at playing chords, but I'm good at tapping, some people are the other way around. That's just my opinion, but I do like the idea.
  16. I might be wrong, but depending on the complexity of the song, it will generate different amounts of levels. To find out how many levels a song has, you must open the XML generated by the Dynamic Difficulty Creator in Editor On Fire. Anyways, I don't think too many people get confused when they see 1 difficulty level, I think they mainly look at whether DD is Yes or No.
  17. Hello, sorry for a late response. I agree with all of the bands that Sharkman828 recommended, he has good taste. By looking at some of the bands that you like, I really think you would enjoy the band "The Faceless". They're very heavy, unique, progressive and just plain awesome. I started a Discography Project for them recently, you should check them out.
  18. As other people are saying, it is caused by a specific song that wasn't packed correctly. I speak from experience, I always test my customs multiple times before uploading. One time I tested one of my songs and it played fine (Switched Tones at correct spots), but when I finished the song and entered the song menu, my tone was disabled and when I'd start another song it would stay clean. So I just repacked it and it was fine. So my advice is to find out what song caused this issue, and comment on its CDLC page. It will take the charter 1 min to fix the issue. Hope this helps!
  19. Two of my customs have a decent amount of tapping. Be warned that they aren't just 2 handed tapping but also are multi-string tapping Periphery - Froggin' Bullfish The main riff on lead guitar is loaded with tapping Periphery - Buttersnips The clean solo about halfway through the song begins with rhythm tapping alone, then the lead joins tapping something else.
  20. You're Very Welcome, there is nothing more exhilarating than sharing songs and being thanked. I respect you kind sir!
  21. Thank you very much for testing. I shall have a look at some of the stuff that you mentioned. I really do appreciate you giving your time to test this.
  22. I'm also curious if you guys are still testing? If so, could someone test any of the songs within my discography project for "The Faceless". It would be greatly appreciated! Also be warned that it is insanely heavy and fast, so preferably someone who isn't bias against metal. I just want to know if they are charted as good as I think they are. Thanks :D
  23. Is it possible to have someone test some of these songs. I'm sure that they are pretty close to perfect, but I want them to be as perfect as official DLC.
  24. I can't find many accurate bass tabs, if you could link them in the comments I would gladly attempt to add them for you.
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