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  1. Happy Birthday SkoomaSteve420!

  2. I wouldn't mind those Cattle Decapitation songs as well! :D
  3. All of what they said plus the songs by The Faceless and Necrophagist if you haven't gotten them already, then theres like 1 Meshuggash song and 1 Between the Buried and Me song as well, not sure if they have bass tabs though
  4. Right on, I appreciate the help Magna. I would attempt to chart them myself, but I was wanting to do something a bit easier with my first cdlc attempt haha. But if someone happens to come across this post and has these songs, it would be badass if you Adopted them for me and to get them back into the community and general! Thnx for your time
  5. I didn't know where to post this, but a user had previously uploaded a few Dying Fetus songs for CDLC and the links for these songs no longer work. I was just wondering if someone might have downloaded these songs and be able to upload and post links for them, any help on this would be appreciated, thnx.
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