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  1. i vote we take the site all the way back to the way it was before ignition was launched. there were none of these problems. as far as i see it ignition "fixed" that which was not broken in the first place
  2. i recently opened my rocksmith folder after a crash or 2 and thought that my folder was overflowing (again) and noticed that some of the files i have recently downloaded had a .dat file extension vs the normal .psarc extension and was wondering if this could be the cause of the crashes. as i remember, the .dat files were used in the original rocksmith and if so, why were they uploaded to the new site in this format. thanks in advance
  3. back to normal again, but i did not change anything. matter of fact i attempted to go through the site link several times to access ignition before posting
  4. hey brother thanks for everything you have done for the community over the past few years here, you will definitely be greatly missed in your absence. fucking shameful there aren't alot more comments here, as i guarantee everyone has something you have done in their library. best of luck in whatever you happen to meander into elsewhere and we graciously await your return.
  5. firefox does not display ignition properly regardless of deleting history, etc. and when trying to use internet explorer I cannot get past the login page without getting redirected back to the login page. really guys? I said it before to not fix what was not broken (and even offered a sizable donation to not change it) when someone had a brainfart to change over to ignition, and you did, and it was broken and worked for a while, and now it is apparently broken again. I tried to find the last post where I had commented on this but apparently it has been removed or was old enough to be deleted. can we go back to the old browser format that worked without any bugs whatsoever now?
  6. i have cleared my history and everything and i am still getting the same view as what you posted. why do people incessantly try to fix things that are not broken in any way???????
  7. i had gotten this quite often when i went to launch rs2012 recently. i removed and reinstalled rs2012 and have not had the issue since. maybe it is the same with rs2014. remember to remove your folder with the content you want to keep before uninstalling and reinstalling game. good luck.
  8. Just a friendly reminder. The use of paid advertising or utilizing web/cloud storage that has paid advertising attached/popups is against the terms of service of this website and can cause potential problems not only for the managers of this website but also for the user that is uploading the cdlc themselves. I'm not naming anyone specifically, but have noticed recently that there are at least 2 users doing this. There is a very fine line we walk in order to be able to do what we do here. Anything considered unscrupulous has the potential to shut down this website and put people in positions they would rather not contend with, or should. That said, please use some sense, read the rules (ask questions if you do not understand), and don't fuck around. Thank you.
  9. disregard last post. got it working but not sure how it was fixed.
  10. ignition is not displaying information properly. when visiting page nothing is showing and i have not seen anything indicating maintenance or updates being performed. when going to page nothing is displayed on the default settings.
  11. found i need to go to filters to sort columns. it is working somewhat but i'm certain it is not functioning fully as intended.
  12. $50 donation waiting for rollback without any further attempts to utilize ignition
  13.   Yes, it works! Thanks for fast reaction!  better look again, still broken
  14. Why again did someone come up with the idea to fix what was CLEARLY NOT BROKEN? Ignition still not fixed (not like I was a fan of it to begin with). Used old search until I could not login to it anymore. Cleared cache (nothing), cleared cookies (nothing), reinstalled firefox (again nothing), ran through IE (still nothing). Able to bring up ignition but nothing else. stuck on first page, cannot sort categories. banner message reads Data Tables warning: table id=search_table - Ajax error. for more information about this error please see http://datatables.net/tn/7 Murphy's Law clearly states "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Lesson to the change over, the old way worked just fine, go back to it.
  15. i had a raid 0 failure recently and was wondering if anyone knows where i can still download rs1 customs, toolkit, etc. my dog knocked over my external drive before i got a chance to transfer my backup so i'm screwed on having old customs at the moment. any help with this is greatly appreciated. -J0k3r
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