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  1. Instead of the fantastic window that opened up, I get sent to a new page. If I hit back on my browser, I got back to the sign in page. Now I have to start over. I just found out if you click in a blank spot in the line, the window opens. 1920x1080 It looks nice, I just find it too quick to take me away from what I was looking at. The old version was much easier for the user (this user anyway).
  2. How do I get the older version back? This one is too touchy. click once anywhere that you didn't mean to and I have to start over.
  3. cleared the browser history and it's normal now.
  4. I've defaulted everything, no luck.http://i.imgur.com/oDa2u71.png
  5. I don't know what I did but everything in Ignition is in categories instead of a list view. For example. Do a search by date and instead of all the songs in a list, there is are play triangles and dates and you have to click the triangle to see the songs for that date. I've searched for this but nothing game up.
  6. Thanks for the answer and the quick response!
  7. HI everyone, I downloaded and tried to install but Avira AV quarantines the file because of TR/Dropper.MSIL.9d598b (Trojan Horse)
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