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  1. Sorry for not being clear, and thans for the replies I am only playing the cdlc's can't read music so making them would be a bit of a bugger :) So cdlc can have custom tones packages with them, ever existing custom rocksmith tones or custom tones made by the author, however it is possible that a cdlc is just lacking a ustom tone all together? If that's the case would it be worth adding a ct (custom tone) column to the customs forge search page? Cheers
  2. Can't find an answer to this, thought I am sure it's here somewhere. What's the situation with cdlc and tones. If a cdlc is downloaded will it sometimes have a custom tone with it, do I need to get custom tones somewhere separately, do cdlc use a tone from the game that is as close as possible, do I just need to select the closet tone that's already in rs2014 and if so are there suggestions for these or can I just not use custom tones with cdlc? Think I have exhausted all the possibilities I can think of above :) Cheers
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