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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 18


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Yeah man it is a great song if you wanna get yor alternate picking skills a massive upgrade. I guess picks are a matter of taste, I cant play fast things with light picks, the delay I get from the moment I move my hand to the moment the pick has finally slided off the string and played the note is too big for me. I use a 2.0 pick lol. Hard picks only for me!


At that speed i have a lack of coordination between both hands. I think the lighter pick helps to hide that issue.

normally i also use 2mm picks.


But it was good because this challenge made me increase my speed a lot. I should be able to play about 20% fastest than 2 weeks ago...

Let´s Rock

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Did we not change the time to UTC/GMT 18:00 ?

Yes the new rule is :
12. The contest closes the next Saturday around 18:00 UTC
@@SrMouraSilva Welcome to the Championship. Everybody can play here.When you post a score from Learn a Song all Phrases of the song have to be at 100% difficulty (purple). Some of the phrases on your screenshot are still orange.
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Since Kaijin has not appeared on the forums this week I will close this week for him and set up a poll for the songs of the next week.


And we're done for this week. Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to those who helped with the spreadsheet. So first of, the winners:


Guitar beginner lead: Rottenboozer

Guitar intermediate lead: xDensity

Guitar Master lead: JayEm

Guitar beginner rhythm: tRIACTIs

Guitar intermediate rhythm: richomat

Guitar master rythm: lordlk

Bass beginner: smile

Bass intermediate: sideways86

Bass master: Partisus


Congratulations to all the winners! You've done an amazing job.

Now, the fun part: New songs. I do not chose at random. I will set up a poll to select the next week's songs.



Now for the class changes.


Guitar beginner rhythm upleveled



Bass intermediate upleveled

- sideways86

- Cannalonga

- seansage


I hope this is all correct.

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Thanks a lot richomat, I'm working 2 jobs at the same time and I just can't find any spare time to play guitar and come to the forum


I love the poll you made to select the songs for week 19 :D


If it's ok with all the other members, while I'm so busy, if you and Krazyone could give me a hand on managing the championship I would be much appreciated.


I don't remember if you have editor rights on the spreadsheet, but if you don't, just send me a pm with your email and I'll add you as editor, if you want, ofc.


I see that we keep getting new players every week and that's amazing, something that I wasn't used to, but I've always aspired to see one day.


Thanks to all that have joined and participate, I hope you like your time in the championship, I always love it :D

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