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  1. Cool. Last time than I programming php is 10 years ago Then I can help in the frontend.
  2. @AshesOfOwls, hi! When a project is hosted in Github ( or Gitlab or bitbuck, etc...), only the project owner and the maitainers will be permission to commit, push and merge code. The fact of the source code is open in the internet isn't the problem. The real problem a weak process. The developer process needs code review, continuous integration, etc... Even if the code is new, the community can contribute! But I understand if the team consider that now isn't the moment. In this case, is yet necessary to push the source code in a repository. In Gitlab, Github and Bitbucket is possible to create a team with private/internal source code. They will help to implement a good development process. I could, for example, set up an Ignition 5 homologation environment, where the React frontend would be exposed in a gitlab / github pages. It could also be configured to run unit tests and require that pull/merges requests would only be accepted if successful. What I said here you already know, but I'm just reinforcing :D I was on this forum even before Ignition 1. I spent a long time out and came back now. I am surprised that there were 4 Ignition. Could you tell me what happened out of curiosity? It could be a link to a forum topic. Ok, as the frontend is React, it's possible to publish it in any static server (nginx, apache). A hosting free alternative is to publish in the github/gitlab pages. Graphql enables to transfer data between backend and frontend as minimum as possible. This is a good point. Less network trafic, less money necessary in infrastructure. I confess that I did not work with graphql and apollo. Who performs the queries is the Apollo server? What's the database, Postgres? Is there no Django / Rails / Laravel / Spring boot application? Great! Just be careful not to be too picky with yourself and thus take a long time to share the project with other developers. If you define specific tasks, developers will be able to contribute. Examples: Search component List component ... CI to tests CI to build code Configure Storybook So, I believe, those who are used to software development can already contribute. And, when this initial part is done, newer / enthusiastic programmers will also be able to contribute when you share the knowledge.
  3. Hello, one question Have you considered opening the ignition source code? That is, put it on Github? I understand the question of financing being exclusive by donation, but a time programming can very well be considered a donation. For example, I could help with the work with React. Another doubt, but in the technical case. If the frontend is react, what would the backend be?
  4. @@Antithez, Creates a project of Strokes discography here:http://customsforge.com/forum/65-discography-projects/Or if you want, I create for you ^^ I want to help with the project in the future
  5. It would be interesting to some kind of honor for publishers with CDLCs approved.Something similar accounting of the amount of 'thanks' In fact, until the count sent CDLCs would be cool. After all, (I think) these are the main focus of forum
  6. Hey! Let's create a GUI?! Tkinter or Qt? -- It works only on MAC?
  7. @@richomat I thought I was, I noticed some time later I sent the picture. Thanks for the tip! ^^
  8. I can play too? Intermediate SrMouraSilva 69 Longest Streak 80.0 Accurracy http://imageshack.com/a/img543/3410/9y5y.png
  9. Paciência and repeat!

  10. Hi! You said "4) We are looking into hiring a Skin designer to design a professional dark-themed type skin. (Possibly a white one too)." Some time ago, had created a concept design of a distribution site DLCs. Posted in forum Smithy's Anvil, but I really believe I have not inflicted any rules, was banned :/ If you want to see the pictures, let me know! Please do not baned me. I just want to help! ^ ^
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