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  1. Update: I can now play the song I generate, it looks like the first customs made for RS2014 with quite a few things out of place, but it's a milestone.
  2. @@shrubbery I gave some thoughts about what you said. I still think Guitar Pro is the best option. However, I switched to GPX format since it's XML it's easier to deal with for everyone and has all the extensibility you might want. So... I now have something that can read a Go PlayAlong xml export for a synched GPX tab and generates a Rocksmith XML. It's not usable yet and far from complete but all the base parsing mechanisms are there and I can compile the XML to an SNG (which does not play yet... ;) ). The meat of the stuff is only like 300 lines of code.
  3. header = io.read_int # BCFZresult = []expected_length = io.read_intwhile result.size < expected_length flag = io.read_bit if flag == 1 word_size = io.read_bits(4) offset = io.read_bits_reversed(word_size) size = io.read_bits_reversed(word_size) source_position = result.size - offset to_read = [offset, size].min result.concat result[source_position...source_position+to_read] else size = io.read_bits_reversed(2) size.times { result << io.read_byte } end end@@raynebc Short code to decompress .gpx files. In result, you'll find a xml file
  4. Meh... It's not like it's Obama care. If you don't want it, that's ok
  5. I don't really care for fingerings, outlines, etc... but I don't see any major obstacle in there either. If by charting you mean spending time in eof, that's precisely what I don't want to do :) IMO, guitar tabs are meant to be edited with a guitar tab editor... I hope you'll change your mind once I'm done.
  6. I'm sorry but I definitely fail to understand how a precise and normalized GP tab would not contain enough info to build a RS XML for each track. What techniques are not supported by GP ?
  7. what won't be easier than wha ? I still don't see why you say GP sucks
  8. you can use note->text instead of measure markers
  9. Tone definitions should go into the json manifest for the whole package (not the xml sry), you're right For defining switch I was thinking I'll use Sections from guitar pro: you can set a letter A, B, C, D Strange bug :)
  10. tones sng compilation should be ok missing json part though. Actually i believe tone definitions belong to the xml. I just added a profile and psarc -> json tool for tones tones.py /path/to/dlc/*.psarc /path/to/profile/*_prfldb > tones.json
  11. @@shrubbery Nope :) I don't want to deal with java for the same reasons I don't like mono. At the end of the day, all I'm interested in is to read a GP tab. Aren't those possibilities also beyond Rocksmith too ?
  12. Yup :) Portable (almost), and much much fewer LoC... It's not quite useable right now, it soon will be. Next big step will be to convert from GP to RS XML in one click (or rather one command) ie rewrite the part of EoF I'm really interested in ;) Ruby is our friend since it already provides a nice Guitar Pro gem.
  13. [update] graph, hsan, json generation
  14. @@raynebc In case you haven't seen that one: http://hcoder.org/2012/10/13/writing-music-printing-gpx-files/ See guitarpro-viewer-1.1.zip (alphaTab.js)
  15. GPA sync points Measure + fraction of beats. Here's quick copy/paste import structfor e in z: s = e[9] if s is None: continue inc = 0 while s[inc] != 'x00': inc += 1 n = struct.unpack('>I', s[inc:inc+4])[0] inc += 4 for i in range(n): time = struct.unpack('>f', s[inc :inc+4 ])[0] / 1000.0 measure = struct.unpack('>I', s[inc+4 :inc+8 ])[0] measure_fraction = struct.unpack('>f', s[inc+8 :inc+12])[0] beat_duration = struct.unpack('>f', s[inc+12:inc+16])[0] / 1000.0 inc += 16 print time, measure, measure_fraction, beat_duration EDIT: Read your post too quickly :)
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