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Magic string for most popular tunings?


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I am getting a new guitar and was wondering if there was a magic gauge that could go from E standard to say down to C standard(maybe lower on some songs). As you know on Rocksmith we are changing tunings often enough if we are cycling through songs. I am wondering if 12's will be tight enough on the lower settings but loose enough on standard E to get a little bend action still?


Anyone, any thoughts on the matter? Having multiple guitars around(or rather buying multiple guitars atm) just isn't an option though I could keep my Fender around for E standard with its 9 gauge but I prefer an all in one solution if possible.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I use .009s and I'm able to do D Drop C (Cookie Monster Tuning) just fine. If there's anything lower, I haven't tried it.

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- Billkwando


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Lots of APC, slipknot, dethklok, mudvayne and so on in C# C standard and custom tuned where the low E is in B.


Its all good. the tech who set me up recommended Ernie Ball skinny top fat bottom and they do very well. I learn more everyday.

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Ernie Ball 12-56 (dark green) are IMO best - it's possible to play in E St. and downtune to C# St. or C Drop D w/o regulation of guitar (scale: 24 3/4") - in lwoer tunings strings are just... I was thinking about baritone set 13-72... On one hand with 13-72 I'd be able to downtune to some B or A tunings, but I won't be able to tune back to E st. w/o regulation of guitar (Truss rod? I've forgotten an english name of it :D).

Feel free to edit my CDLCs, use tones etc.

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