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newb question concerning a chord



 I was playing Separate Ways by Journey and came upon a chord pane showing an open low E string and a note on the 2nd fret of the D string.  I know I'm new at this but this seems almost impossible to play without striking the string in between.  Rocksmith gave me credit for hitting the note but I struck all 3 strings.  I was thinking maybe that chord was tabbed incorrectly.  I looked in the chord library on the game and didn't see this one listed but did see a few other chords such as C aug where you have to play "around" a string. Do you mute it somehow or strum and maneuver around it without hitting it? It's bugging me so I thought I would ask.

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not sure of the song but you could just mute the A string with your finger that's fretting the D string

Or since you are only using one string, you can use any other finger too :)


As firekorn mentioned, two strings up and two frets over is an octave (three frets when you hit the G string).  Other than the case of when the low tone is on an open string, I used the finger holding the low tone to dampen the next string.



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Are you playing with a lower difficulty level? It's possible they'll fill in the rest of the chord at a higher level.


If this is an official DLC, they should provide fingering information for the notes in a chord.


I don't recommend working with customs as a beginner guitarist, because a lot of customs leave out this kind of information. You can get to the customs in a few weeks.

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