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  1. That's no problem :smile: I mean for me. If I manage just add me. Until then see this post as a warning that I am coming ;) :D edit: Oh yeah the grey parts. I remember now. 85% is what I managed with the notes in the playthrough with greys, not the entire notes. Pfff, it's been a while since I took part in a championship (at smithy's).
  2. I just had (try) to play this song :smile: http://s18.postimg.org/yjqeou8mx/2014_06_06_00001.jpg
  3. Slightly touch the A-string with the tip of the finger that's holding the D-String so the A-String is muted.
  4. I have Tinnitus for around 10 years now. It started sometime while I was playing WOW with headphone and drinking beer. It never stopped. Luckily it's not that loud and at least now I am never alone ;) Hi btw, my first Post. I used to be at Smithys Anvil only it took a while for me to come here ;)
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