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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules (READ THIS FIRST) Updated 31/08/2015


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On 1/5/2021 at 3:29 PM, Orkkongen said:

I would recommend a simplifying of the rules... especially the part about the song list. But the quick question: Do I have to worry about the song list if I participate?

I found the song list, but I makes no sense to me (I'm still new). And so many pages of listings of different kind... a little clean up?

PS: Some links don't work, they miss this part ind the URL: index.php?/ (right after the ...forge.com/ ).

I agree, the original rules seem to be partly outdated and are hard to understand. I'm now helping manage the song selection list so I can help you with that part: you can ignore most of what the rules say about how songs are chosen. As far as I understand, there is a small rotation of forum members who choose the songs each week by some combination of making their own choices however they want, making their own choices based on a theme (a recent one was outlaws), choosing randomly from the song selection list (the "Song Selection List" tab in the spreadsheet), and repeating an older week of the championship (week 62 was a recent example). 

Yes, the spreadsheet is messy, but you can ignore all of it except the SSL tab. Anyone is welcome to add songs, I've just added some myself, and the more you add the better your chances of having one chosen. If a link is broken, it's still easy enough to find a song on Ignition search.

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I've been cleaning up the SSL tab a bit and wanted to highlight one point: If you are adding a bass-only or guitar-only file, you need to add it to the appropriate tab, not the main "Song Selection List" but the "Only Bass Songs" or "Only Guitar Songs" tab. This way it's easier for the person selecting a song...for example, if they need a bass-only chart, they can just hop over to the "Only Bass Songs" tab and pick one from there.

If you're like me and adding songs with multiple parts but you only play one or the other, I suggest using "?" for a part that is included but not tested, and "N/A" for a part that is not included in the file. But that's just a preference, not a requirement 🙂


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