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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Rules (READ THIS FIRST) Updated 06/02/2022


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Da Rules

(Credit to the Ubi Forums for some Ideas!):Items in bold are updates to the rules.

1. Anyone may join the contest as long as he's a forum member.

2. You can play "Score Attack" On Hard or "Learn a Song" with all sections mastered (all purple): You may also play a song which does not have DD on Score Attack easy if you cannot get through it on hard as all the notes will still show up on easy but it won't X you out as easily.

3. There are four classes: Beginner(BEG), Intermediate(INT), Advanced(ADV) and Masterclass(MC). If you enter to the contest the first time, you can choose your class for every path separate or become FreeBird Member.
Classes difficulties standards are BEG: 1-3 INT: 4,5 ADV: 6,7 MC: 8,9 (guitar)

Bass: Beg 1-4, Int 5-6, Adv 7-8, Mc 8-9, Gog 10 (updated May 2021)



3.1 FreeBird member is a participant who does not belong to any class, thus can't win at the end of the week, but can be rewarded with FBA (FreeBird Award) after playing 2 weeks in a row (one pass allowed).

3.2 UP/DOWNLEVELING (Update by Rodman)


Everyone can choose his class he wants to participate when he starts to play.

Lead/Rhy and Bass are independent so a player can choose different classes in the different paths.


You level up

-----   if you achieve 99%+ (bass 99.5%+) on a classes top difficulty song (3 for beg / 5 for int / 7 for adv) - unless you vote against! (your classmates and the orgas will have to let you stay (to avoid players of higher classes to rule a lower league)

-----   whenever you feel ready - just make a post (and pm any orga so you make sure its not overlooked) and you level up.


You level down

----- whenever you feel you are in a class too high (your new classmates and the orgas will have to let you stay (to avoid players of higher classes to rule a lower league)


GoG is an extra competition for everyone - MC stays masterclass and does never level up.


You are then leveled automatically as follows:

  • Guitar (lead or rhythm) - If you score same or more than 99% on song of upper difficulty,
  • Bass - If you score same or more than 99.5% on song of upper difficulty.

If you score <=79% on a level two weeks in a row you are leveled down one class. If you do not participate for 3 weeks in a row your name is removed from the lists but you may return and choose what class you want to be in when you return (you can drop by maximum one class).

"Pour Some Sugar On Me rule" is rule made after ratings were done, it based on situation where easy songs are in higher class, Pour Some Sugar On Me bass is perfect example of beginner bass song, still it leveled up some bass players to MasterClass. With that rule particpant is not going to be leveled up on songs easier then his class, unless he wants to level up.


3.3 Organizers may decide not to level up a participant if it seems fair for competition.


4. Both instruments are leveled separately.

5. You may only enter in one class per arrangement. (Bass, Rhythm, Lead) but you may participate in all available arrangements. Your highest level difficulty entry will be chosen as your entrant if you participate in all arrangements. For example if you play all 3 classes on BASS your MC BASS Score will be your entry for that week. Same goes for Lead and Rhythm classes. This will make it fair for the people who can't play the higher level songs and hopefully stop discouraging them from posting their scores because the other advanced players are posting theirs. 

6. One Song is chosen for all Instruments and classes


6.1. For each instrument songs are sorted by theirs difficulty (from easiest to thoughest).

7. Every Saturday new songs are chosen. From all participants of a class, one is chosen at random by Motive, Mortalo.

8. Every member should add his/her name and song he/she would like chosen to the Song Selection List which has been made editable by all for this purpose

9. Only 1 song per class will be selected and only custom DLC's with at least 1 arrangement for guitar and 1 arrangement for bass are allowed (ideally they should have Lead/Rhythm/Bass arrangements and have a custom tone with Riff Repeater but Rhythm arrangements and custom tones are optional).

Also Originally included Rocksmith 2014 songs may be selected as well. NO OFFICIALLY RELEASED DLC is supported at this time and ALL customs must be available on Customsforge.com to qualify. 


9a. All songs must have riff repeater in order to qualify for the championship. Songs without riff repeater may be replaced if they are chosen accidentally unless everyone states they want to keep it. 

10. You only need to change the song in the list if your song is selected. If not, you can keep the same choice, or choose another, it's up to each one of you.

11. On Saturday, if your name is chosen and you didn't enter any song in the Song Selection List, another member will be chosen.

12. Starting with the publication of the songs, you may enter your score.

13. The scores are entered in the corresponding google doc: Leaderboard Motive, frippchen, Rodman and Mortalo  take care of entering the scores if there is any discrepancy please let one of these people know.

14. You must post a screenshot with your score showing the Accuracy % and streak and all songs must be played @ 100% (ALL PURPLE BARS) or the score will not count. You may use whatever image hosting site you would like to post your screenshots. 

15. Ranking is done by percentage first, then by Longest Streak and in the case of a tie the tiebreaker will be the actual score in Score Attack (so if you played LAS and got 100% but then someone plays Score Attack and gets 100% the winner will be the one who played Score Attack).

16. If you play LAS (Learn a Song), you percentage will be always, xx.00%(example %99.00), if you prefer SA (Score Attack), your percentage will always be xx.xx%(example 99.02%). 

17. Every song is up for discussion until Sunday around 08:00PM EST(Eastern Standard Time). If you think a song is too hard for Intermediate or Beginner or if a Custom is not made well (Horrible Tone or not synced or just a bad tab), please let us know in the thread, so we may discuss it.

18. After Sunday 08:00pm EST the songs are set and will only be changed if the organizers have not been able to respond earlier and there is a problem with the custom.

19. The contest closes the next Saturday around 07:00pm CEST. Rules update (02/22): Entered scores are valid until 7pm CET of the running week or until new week start, whatever happens later.

20. The winners are announced in the OP of the corresponding week's thread.

21. Rules may change without notice. So watch out.


Last but not least:


Members who play in the competition are free to play any song selected for the competition and we encourage newer members to always try all class songs, but if you are a normal MC/INT player or have been put in the MC/INT brackets because of your previous scores, any scores posted for a lower level than what your current class is will not be counted or added to the Leaderboard. This is to encourage the newer members to play these songs without feeling like they are in the bottom every week. I will be trying to keep track of the scores that are posted each week and will automatically move players to their correct difficulty levels. Starting this week I will be paying more attention to the previous weeks scores and will be adding a page to the spreadsheet that shows where each player is supposed to be for the current week. Thank you all for your participation and remember we are all here to learn and have fun. Please feel free to add suggestions to this thread or any comments as I will be following this thread and appreciate all suggestions. 


FreeBird Member Special Rules:


0. FreeBird can`t to get any victories, crown trophies (Rodman' Ranking) and DHM (Die Hard Member)

1. Newcomer get's FBA (FreeBird Award) after participating 2 weeks in a row, if he/she did not choosed the class.
2. FBA is taken away if participant fails to post score two weeks in a row.

3. Regular participants are allowed to leave class and become FreeBird at any time.
3a. All awards are taken away.
3b. Name is moved to list "Free bird" under own class (same column, CCL)
4. Participant is allowed to return to his class (or higher) at any time.
5. Every Freebirds score is placed in class list as "0" (in separated rows), and if he/she return to their class, then marks are moved as well with name and "->>" symbol, to give auto DHM (score is 4 weeks in row, one miss allowed)
6. In leaderboard FreeBirds names are marked grey and ~




-= 10weeks leaderboard (Rodman´s Ranking) ruling =-


running 10 weeks score. In other words: last 10 completed weeks are scored as follows:


1st place: 10 pts

2nd place 5 pts

3rd place 3 pts

4th place 1 pt


100%score: + 1pt

MM score (score not worse than players highscore -2%): +1pt


players score in their classes and above.

that is all.

The weekly leaderboard update is made by me, Rodman on weekstarts and the needed change of leader award is done right then.



latest update Aug,31 2015 R.

latest update Feb,17 2019 R.

latest update Jun,2 2021 R.

latest update Feb,6 2022 R.

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Please note the update to the %'s which move you into the next tear. As some beginner songs some people may reach 98% too easily as pointed out by @ I am increasing this to 99% which may not seem like a big difference but I assure you all that that 1% sometimes is very difficult to obtain and will avoid people being pushed into the next level. I am also increasing the 95% to 97% 3 weeks in a row as this will help those who don't want to be put into the next class too quickly be able to stay in their respective classes longer. 

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Please take note of a new addition to the spreadsheet


Championship Class Lists


This will have where each person who enters into the competition should be. This spreadsheet will be updated every week to reflect any new changes for each class. If you would like to be listed in a certain difficulty to start you may request this for your first entry, you will then have to follow the class you are listed in. I will be following the scores and will try to keep this updated every week but in the event that I miss a week please take note of the rules and try to follow them. As always you may play all songs and all arrangements but only the scores for the class you are listed in will be added to the spreadsheet. If you guys have any questions or suggestions please feel free to list them here and I will reply to them all. 

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Motive must be MC, @ must be intermediate (fails 3 week in row) :)

And it would be good separate lead and rhythm. it is different parts song like it is bass, having very different complexity. (It give us more variants for playing in the appropriate class for everyone with fair chart).

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This list is a Work in progress I will add the rhythm section as well and I put myself in MC because I don't want to take a spot from intermediate. My failures were due to not being able to play for 3 weeks in a row due to injury. However I will gladly put myself in Intermediate as I don't feel like I am MC class material yet. 

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By the way guys if anyone is great with google docs as far as making things look pretty and want to help make these lists pretty please let me know as I am spreadsheet illiterate and will keep them as basic as possible. 

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Please note that I have added @ as a leaderboard editor as he has been very helpful recently. He will be helping me with the leaderboard as well. If there are any problems with the scores in the leaderboard please message either me or him as it seems we are the most active at this time. 

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Given the conversation here, I'd suggest allowing upward mobility for players.  Falling short three weeks in a row should allow a player to drop a difficult level if they wish, but not force a drop.  Let's use myself as an example.  I moved to intermediate after scoring >99% on "I Miss the Misery" and generally play 80-95% in intermediate.  If I had a few bad weeks and was eligible to drop to beginner, I'd still remain at Intermediate.  Beginner songs don't push me as hard so I'm not likely to learn as much.  If this decision means my score is weaker, it doesn't hurt any of the others in Intermediate.  While we are a community, we are ultimately an "individual sport."


This slight change allows people that feel they are over their head to drop back down a level while still encouraging people to push themselves.  It also allows those in the lower class to have an easier time competing for a top spot if someone opts not to drop down.

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  • 9 months later...

There idea for improve DHM. So as some participants can not always plays every week in row, because have some respectful reason (like vacant, trip, live show e.t.c), but totally is constant member WC,would be wrong kick they from DHM list.

My suggestion:

Add to DHM those who play in row 4 week  and one pass allowed. 

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  • 3 months later...

@@queengeedorah - you can choose the class that you start in.  Just jump in and have some fun.

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@@PeachesTheWalrus You post it in correspodnig thread :) Sticky and always on top :)


PS. Never forget about streak.

Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

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@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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  • 1 year later...

Hi, am I allowed to enter at the Advanced Class or do I have to start at beginner?

You can start at whichever class you want to :)

Master of Rocksmith Championship
For Whom the Leaderboard Tolls
...And Song Selection List For All
Seek and Championship Class Lists

The Exercise That Never Comes

@@Mortalo don't worry, you're a nice douche :)

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  • Rocksmith Championship Organizer

up/downleveling rules updated in topic start.

-= Building a Guitar from Scratch with Absolutely No Woodworking Experience =-
-= ROCK - Rodmans Course for Kids and Beginners =-

-= SPOTIFY Rocksmith CS Playlist =-
-= Use your DLC library on multiple PCs w. autoupdate =-
-= Build your own RS Toneswitch Fb =-

-= Join the Championship - cause the Championship is good for you =-
-= What´s my RANK again??? - check the 10-weeks Leaderboard and PLAYER Level =-
-= Put the Songs you want to be played into SONG SELECTION LIST =-


On 11/8/2016 at 8:32 PM, Vodka said:

I hated Royal Republic prev. time. I hate it this time too.

UPD: OK. I hate every song. I guess I need to stop.


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  • 1 year later...

I would recommend a simplifying of the rules... especially the part about the song list. But the quick question: Do I have to worry about the song list if I participate?

I found the song list, but I makes no sense to me (I'm still new). And so many pages of listings of different kind... a little clean up?

PS: Some links don't work, they miss this part ind the URL: index.php?/ (right after the ...forge.com/ ).

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 1/7/2021 at 12:32 AM, lathblade said:

I haven't seen an answer, however are we able to submit a bass score with emulated bass?

Not many answers in here. 😉

My bet is: No. Well not if you are going for a part in a bass league. Somethings is easier to play on a guitar, so it would be unfair competition (in my opinion).

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