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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 29


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That stupid slide at the beginning and a single note near the end cost me 100%  :cry:


oh well....its not even my class. I just love this song! :twisted:

Lol I know those slides on the D string are really annoying. I had to restart the first part of the song like 5 times to get through that...

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95% on first try for paradise lost. Very good CDLC. nice tones and chart. Pity, the vocals are missing :)

Not gonna post screen, cause its going to change soon.

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Yes a song by Paradise lost is nice, immediately liked. And this a song is good tool for practice rhythm in song score attack - middle temp, simple rhythm, . Check left side screen and try hit with rhythm take "perfect" (and take more score).


Also Motorhead song too nice and fun. But bad tone for my. I replaced tone, if who want try, please:



UPD. I think more good sound for lead, with my tone on only bridge pickup.


And my score for rhythm Motorhead:


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A lot in RR  with solo (my best ii this 2 section solo 14 miss), Full song 552 notes. For beat my need take less then 25 miss notes on full a song. Good luck. :)

I thinking for bends need using one finger. For 14 fret 3 finger(if hard, then help him make bend 2 finger) and for 12 fret 1 finger. No sense in moving much fingers for fast song. Sound not changed.

My score lead:


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First shot at Motorhead on Lead..

Phew, this is gonna be tough/fun (should get some time later when the young un is in bed!).. :D


76% and 84 streak..



@. Yeah, was bending two strings with the one finger. It doesn't need much to get the right note.

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That was a really good run with 100% accuracy until my A-string broke at the solo. I quickly paused the game, put on new string, retuned and played on, but not that perfect than before :(

That's the sign for me to stop playing for today.


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@@Collision You said what you is beginner, but take great score in immediate! Not false modesty, Go in lead part and rape all us. (RR will help you improve speed fingers) After learning this a song other will seems very easy :)


p.s. tune down half tone and nailed Paradise lost (it  a song is not crazy metal)

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