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  1. Happy Birthday Flannathir!

  2. Happy Birthday Flannathir!

  3. From L to R: Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX Guitar Fender Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass (3rd edition) Fender Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass (2nd edition) Dean Dave Mustain Signature Acoustic Bass LTD 5 String F-155DX Bass Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Ibanez SR250 Bass
  4. This is the latest addition to my collection; Dean "Dave Mustaine" Mako "Old Glory" Accoustic Bass. http://i.imgur.com/lLMrMDf.jpg
  5. Sorry Guys. I got the bass playing gig so all my CLDC's that were in the works are put on hold till further notice!

  6. @@Hostilian I have the 4 string version of that and it is a good solid bass. As far as which bass would I get.... I just did! :) http://i.imgur.com/ETjuHzB.jpg
  7. Ok, finally got a good shot of the Three Amigos together! http://i.imgur.com/ETjuHzB.jpg L to R: Schecter Diamond Series Riot-5 custom 5 string bass, Ibanez SDGR, LTD EX-CZ with custom grafix.
  8. Update to my collection: Schecter Diamond series Riot -5 prototype. One of a kind!
  9. Quick Notice: I only "updated" the locations of all my CDLC's, not the actual file. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Sorry about any confusion about me "updating" all of my CDLC's; My dropbox location was becoming a mess so when I reorganized it, I had to resubmit them with all the new locations
  11. I dunno. Your first run was an 81%. If you start off 90% or higher, are you really going to LEARN anything from the song? Many of these songs we start off with a first attempt in the 60s and work our way up into the 90s. It's more gratifying to see progress than to start at the max level. If I start at the max level, the song is purely for fun rather than gaining anything from playing it. Opps didn't want the whole quote but any way, My thought about learning something from a thing you can beat easily: You only stop learning when you're dead. If you think that you wont gain anything, than you are basically closed minded. Even something as simple as muscle memory of a specific scale. ( I do own the Bass Grimoire that has literately thousands of scales). That and the whole purpose of this championship IS to have fun. :)
  12. @ I did start to play bass emulated, and your right. Terrible sound and defiantly not the same. But I did enjoy it and went out and bought a (relatively cheap) starter bass. After 30+ years plunking around on a guitar I finally figured out that all this time I should of been playing bass! I have more time in the past year of playing bass than all the years I spent playing guitar. (First one ever was acoustic in 1977)
  13. Ok, heres the deal. I have chosen my classes for a couple reasons; 1) I am a bass player at heart and an average guitar player (I do suck at solo's). 2) Every week I would like to make an official entry for all three songs. But as I can't do them all on bass, I figure that this way makes the most sense to me. (I know I can enter them all on bass, but they don't count). 3) I have only started to pick up my guitar again after over a year because of this championship. That being said, if I am forced into another class for a particular arrangement (LRB) I will no longer participate in that arrangement. I'm not mad, but that is the way it's going to be for me. :D
  14. It was honest, I only said it felt like cheating. Actual cheating would have been getting Dave Murray or Adrian Smith to come and play it for me! :-P
  15. Here's my entry for intermediate class. Actually first time through and RR was only used to max the difficulty. (Failed the song twice in score attack) http://i.imgur.com/Awlpr8b.jpg And I kinda feel like I was cheating. I learned this song back in the mid 80's on an acoustic guitar! http://i.imgur.com/TWA9L4R.jpg Poor book has been around the world (literally) but I still have it!
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