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How to record RS2014 with Bandicam


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Some people wanted to know how to record Rocksmith 2014 with some recording software. I'm using bandicam myself for all my recording and since some people we're asking in the chat, i've decided to create a tutorial about it. I'm sorry that this tutorial is only for windows user (don't know MAC OS enough) at the moment.


1.Required Software

Obiously you'll need Rocksmith 2014 and bandicam

Note that Bandicam in is free version will only include a watermark at the top of the video but no time limitation like fraps for exemple.


2.Rocksmith 2014 Settings

You have to turn off the audio exclusivity of Rocksmith 2014 to allow bandicam to record the sounds of your PC.

In Rocksmith : Tools ("space" on PC) => Options => Audio settings => Audio Exclusivity => Off (it's on by default)


Once you've done that everything is ready in rocksmith!


3.Windows Settings

Here is the trick, you need to set some parameters on your audio device to be able to record the sound.

You need to setup the quality of your audio device, right clik on the speaker icon and choose Playback Device, then right click on the speaker you use while playing (will probably be your default one which has a check mark) and choose Propriety.

Go to the "Advanced Statistique" tab and choose the "16bits, 48000 Hz (DVD quality)" for the audio format and that's all here.


4. Bandicam

Once you've installed it, launch it!

Go to the video tab => click on the "settings" button in the recording part

Check the record sound and make sure that you're primary source is the "WASAPI" which is what you ear on your speaker then click "OK"

Click on the other settings button

For the video part, you probably want to choose the full scale, and depending on your free hard drive space, the FPS and quality settings, it's not really important but will impact the final quality of the video obviously.

For the audio part, be sure tu choose 48000Hz for the frequency.



You've already done the hardest part. The launch order between RS and Bandicam is not important but be sure that after both are launch, click on "target", and "DirectX/OpenGL window", then click on the "choose your target" and simply go back to rocksmith by clicking on it on your taskbar. If you've done it right by going back to the bandicam window you should see instead of "choose your target" the Rocksmith information.


Then you just have to use the hotkey (F12 by default) to start recording and again to stop.


If you have any correction or feedaback don't hesitate, it's just a start and adding some screenshot is on my to-do list!

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On a side note. Sometimes when you upload a CDLC video to youtube ( it has never done it to me with an official DLC ) the audio is not synced correctly. The way to avoid this is to not record until you are IN THE SONG after tuning. Just a trick I figured out.

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Having some audio issues... Got Bandicam set up perfectly... it even finds RS2014 no problem, but as soon as I turn off audio exclusivity in RS and restart, I've got no audio coming from RS... I'm using an older machine so, I'm not sure if my sound card can handle it. My PC plays the game without any hiccups. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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@@jhespada You might wanna go over Open Broadcast Software for doing layout with webcam as it offers more option for recording than bandicam does and doesn't add any watermark on top of the video.

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@@firekorn After a bit more troubleshooting, I got the webcam and game to record when taking the game out full screen exclusivity from the display settings in RS. Not ideal but it worked. The video lag is pretty bad so I am going to check out bandicam's tips for reducing that and see if it will get better.


I dl'd OBS as well so I will see if that is any better. thanks.

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