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Rocksmith 2014 Championship Week 25

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Sorry for the lack of recent updates for some reason my tapatalk is not notifying me of replies to this thread even though I am set to receive them...    Leaderboard Updated.    There is some fierce c

just be yourself.   I play for 23 years. For a long time i called myself a guitar collector cause i haven´t played much. I play rocksmith for fun and it helped me playing again almost daily. I wish so

Its dam hard @   @ - please if i get the best score in the end give the win to the second as i usual play MC     My only mistake was in a section i can do correctly time after time in RR. But somethi

I really like the beginner song this week, it is lots of fun to play. Even if its not the kind of music i normally listen to.  To bad its in d standard tho, tuning is boring.




Also gave rhythm intermediate a try.


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Sorry about the double post but God !!!!! This song is so freaking hard

I don't think I'll win this week

Anyway here is my first score :


Neither God nor the Devil will make you a music legend.

Just yourself.

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I may not be able to participate this week as I updated to the new windows 8.1 update that was released on tuesday and now rocksmith wont recognize any of my guitars.... Not sure if its a driver issue or not but I am going to attempt to rollback to the previous version and see if that will fix it. 

I had the same problem. All you have to do is disable the xHCI in the Bios. Save the changes and make sure you plug the cord into a USB 2.0 port in the back of your computer. The reason why this works is because this powers down USB 3.0 ports and gives you enough power to the main hub ports in the back of your computer. The cord has to have at least 100v of power in order to work. Hopefully microsoft will release a update to fix this because i use my USB 3.0 ports alot and i cant use it while xHCI is disabled :/

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Well as it turns out I have developed Ulnar Neuritis in my left arm (fretting hand) as per my doctor. You guys can look it up but basically its inflammation of one of the nerves in my forearm which is causing me a lot of pain and discomfort while typing and while doing anything that requires me to bend my elbow. I don't know how long this will last so I may be unable to participate for a while ugh... Good luck guys and have fun and if I can I will try to play but my doctor is advising against it completely.
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@, sorry, i hope you recover quickly.


to all :  why it is not added @@lordlk with great score in chart leaderboard?


My little progress (a lot of practice) Lead:


Amorphis - Godlike Machine

Accuracy 98.58  Srteak 286


Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name

Accuracy 98.56  Srteak 177


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I have sent Lordlk a pm regarding his scores. They will not be used for this competition just like mine will not be used. We both played the intermediate song a few weeks ago and for fairness sake I am not using mine nor his. 

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@@Smile Get well soon too my friend...I wondered where you were this week :)


@ take it easy for a while and allow your body to repair itself!  I took your advice and have been trying intermediate this week but it isn't going well :(  If I achieve over 85% I will post a score :)

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We normally don't count peoples beginner songs if they enter in Intermediate or above but that is decided at the end of the competition. We are all here to have fun but we are also here to be fair too. 

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Oops.. I've only been playing since September last year but didn't fancy the beginners song this week (so tried Intermediate).

Hopefully I can go back to beginners next week. :)


Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk

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@@Kasnitch score 234567891 ? How it possible?

He might have taken a screenshot too quickly for the score to appear as it is. I think the game shows random digits right before the real score (I might be wrong though)


Thanks Thrallsa for the great observation. I didn't have Bandicam running, so when I saw the accuracy and streak info show, I hit the "print screen" button so I could post my result.  I must have caught the random numbers as you said. The actual score was  781,899 shown in the top right of the pic.  It was my second try on score attack.

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