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  1. @@alex i tried to acces inlays and such, but only the stuff that was uplay locked, not game locked if you know what i mean
  2. @@alex tried those on piratebay, no work *edit* does work, but only unlocks uplay stuff, which are useless :/
  3. @ Sonicalm did all lessons, played about half of the 400+ tracks in learn to play
  4. @@alexdid for about 2 hours, no proper results
  5. i'm playing songs for about 3 months, nothing changed...
  6. Hello fellow guitar/bass players! I want to know, if there is a safe file that has everything unlocked. i cant unlock it myself, becuase i have 3 missions : 1st is that i need to play gone wailin', and it doesnt work for me, it crashes (idk why) 2nd, i need to play a rocksmith recomended song, and i dont have one! *WUT* 3rd, i need to play sesion mode 10 minutes, and I dont like it very much :/ so, any ideas what should i do, or is there anyone that done rocksmith 2014? Thanks guys and keep rockin' m/
  7. this is so freaking hard how is that intermediate, i do not know http://imgur.com/j3mmWdD
  8. 1st try at rocksmith 2014 championship and You Give Love The Bad Name Lead, Intermidiate http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h173/saso1551/1sttry_zps5f11c3b0.jpg
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