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Is this a normal problem?


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I have ben playing the bass in RR for some 8 months now at 1 hour a day practice about. Never less though, and have felt pretty good about the whole progression. But the last 4 days I feel that I'm starting to suck. :(


I make silly mistakes as pressing down the string / strings on the wrong fret for example. And start to feel a bit down and like a complete idiot about the whole thing.


Is it normal that you get this kind of dips in the learning curve now and then?


I belived that I would have come that far that I shouldn't slip up like this.

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it's normal my dude sometimes I have a really good day and the next few I feel like I can hardly play anything (especially after watching a few people cover songs I cant do very well), you'll have good and bad days but just keep at it dude. What I like to do at times like this is just play some songs outside of rocksmith for fun to cheer me up.

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Been playing for over 40 years and my playing always seems up and down.  I was just re-playing a song, I completed many times in score attack in the past, and just could not get through it (many red X's).  So, I had to slow it down and relearn.   So I find myself always relearning to some degree. However, the relearning is a little faster (in most cases) each time I have to do it.

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Your not alone.  I have been playing for a few years and for me I like to use guitar playing to relax after a long day.  I play at least an hour a day as well and it almost seems like the harder I try to be perfect the more it seems I make mistakes.  I think that for me I get frustrated that I cannot play the songs I really love, and I forget sometimes that I am I am still learning.  

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I made the same experience!! It is not good  doing the same Song over and over again every Day. You have to slow down the 

speed and play the parts you have problem with( a special Riff or Line...), and then you should make a pause for about 2 or 3 days!

Your Brain need time to memorize the new learned Parts. After a few days you will see it is much easier and you do not have to think about  what you play, just do it.

I play Rocksmith since 2014 Jan.  I have over 800 hours in the Game. I made this experience by my self. 

Don´t worry, you must give your Brain the Time to settle down the new things...

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