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  1. It's the Ibanez micro wich caused this so I belve at least? I bought an Ibanez mezzo 32" bass today. No problems what so ever. :- ) Maybe the Micro bass is too bright even on the "darkest" settings and full volume ? But It still works in the songs and in the session mode. The Ibanez Messo bass are really nice. And so are the Micro too. Now, I can at least play all the Rocksmith stuff without any technical problems. :- )
  2. Hi! I'm playing a short scale bass. The other stuff in Rocksmith Remastered 2014 works. But games like the saloon and the heist seem to have problems with "hearing" what I do. In the saloon game, the thick E string and the A like wise do not respond, when the bandits start to appear faster at the end. In the heist, i can slide all that I want now and then and nothing happends! Is this because of that my bass are short scale or what? I recently got a fret wrap for it beliving that might be a cure? But no cigar! I have raised the input volume and so on in the options. Didn't help! :- ( Any suggestions will be welcome.
  3. Thank you very much for sorting this out for me! Happy playing!
  4. Hi! No, that will show up on the neck as a coloured horizontal line.
  5. Hi! Sorry, my fault. Here it is. https://imgshare.io/image/inkedrocksmith2014-2020-04-22-12-21-28-16-li.B478Y
  6. Hi guys! I wonder what are those on screen, green lines on the bass or guitar neck beween the chords when you play a song? Should I pluck / strum the previous chord there or what?
  7. I have tried to find some songs by her. But no luck. :( Anyone here interested in making some of her songs for PC and Lead + bass?
  8. Ah, that is a relief to read! Because I started to get kinda worried. Thank you very much guys for making me more at ease. :)
  9. Hi! I have ben playing the bass in RR for some 8 months now at 1 hour a day practice about. Never less though, and have felt pretty good about the whole progression. But the last 4 days I feel that I'm starting to suck. :( I make silly mistakes as pressing down the string / strings on the wrong fret for example. And start to feel a bit down and like a complete idiot about the whole thing. Is it normal that you get this kind of dips in the learning curve now and then? I belived that I would have come that far that I shouldn't slip up like this.
  10. Rolling Stones back in 1967. David Bowie. David Lindley. Dire Straits. Moody Blues. Ted Nugent. Bob Marley. Pink Floyd. Steve Hackett - Genesis Revisited. Roxy Music. Paul Young. Going to see Electric Light Orchestra soon.
  11. I can definte say that RS can learn you to play ....To some extent at least. I'm 64 years old and have tried at 3 occations since my teens to learn how to play the guitar and failed miserably! I simply can't read this up from books. But about 7 months ago I stumbled over Rocksmith 2014 at YouTube and decided to give it a try. So I bought it and a cheapo but decent Epiphone, electric guitar. ( I have 3 guitars and a short scale bass now ). :D Now, after have played for an hour every day, I can say that I definite have done some progress. But a couple of weeks ago, I started to feel that I needed another "teacher" as compliment to RS. So I headed over to justin guitar.com And now, I feel I get all the help I need when learning how to play. Rocksmith are good in many ways, but can't teach you everything. And it have some minor flaws. 1. The progession are sometimes a bit too fast for a beginner, when RS thinks you are better than you actually are and ramps up the difficulty over your head. Luckily, the Riff Repeater can fix that though. And you also have Score Attack. 2. You must keep track on by yourself that you actually are playing clean notes! If you just trust what the program says about your playing? You may soon have picked up some bad habits, that will be the pits to get rid of. 3. This is my personal point of view about the arcade games: Most of them aren't that useful. With the exception of String skip saloon, Ducks Redux and Ninja slide. They helped me a lot in the beginning and I still play them as a warm up. As for learning scales? You are better off praticing them in the Session mode, than running the Scale Racer game. And as for chords, I think that justinguitar.com is a great place to learn this. 4. I just wish there where more slow or slower and easy songs to learn in the original game. As a beginner, it's hard to try to keep up in a Metal, Grunge or an Indie song wich there are quite many of in this game. But likely, UBISoft had youngsters in mind first hand and not old geezers like me when they made this program / game :) But luckily, this great forum exist where one can find ones favourite, slower and easier songs. But despite this, RS is a very nice learning tool, that keep you motivated all the time. I just wish that this program / game and to days computers had been availiable some 40 years ago. I might have been a Richie Blackmore Jr. then by now. :D
  12. This might help? https://support.ubi.com/en-US/Faqs/000019027/Reinstalling-the-Real-Tone-Cable-PC-RS
  13. Because of my old right leg injury, I have to sit when playing. I have a leather office chair with a normal hight back rest. But the arm rests are quite low and short and have rounded ends, so they do not interfere with playing the guitar. Besides, I also sit on an additional chair duvet. I spend quite many hours in this chair daily and still do not feel sore.
  14. Hi! I'm overweight too. I found out that having the guitar or bass neck pointing slightly upwards.....Here you will have to find an angle that suits you. Will make playing sitting down ( I have a moderate, right leg handicap since beeing hit by a car in -95 ) a bit more comfortable than having the neck horizontal.
  15. If you wanna go Fender? The Squire Classic Vibes are great without breaking the bank. There are several reviews and tone samples at YouTube. But whatever guitar you will get in the end? Swap the strings and have a luthier to set the guitar up right away. That will likely save you from some problems later on.
  16. My Squire Standard strat SE, cherry sunburst. I own a Squire Standard Telecaster too btw. But the guitar I really would love to have are a Schecter Dream Macine strat. But unfortunatly it is way out of my financial league for now at least. Cost about 4000 USD. http://forumbilder.se/G9958/schecter-dream-machine.jpg
  17. Hi! Yes I'm afraid of this too. :( Quote: Ever heard of the NO SPEAK Series, the fantastic No Speak of , great guitar riffs, but no tabs available :(# No, I can't say i have until now unfortunatly. I do not know if you will get any help from this? https://play.riffstation.com/search?q=Wishbone%20ash Just click on the song title and you will get a video with the chords. I found some songs / chords from Noveu calls here : https://play.riffstation.com/search?q=Wishbone%20ash%20guitar%20noveu%20calls
  18. Randy California, guitarist in the former band Spirit did this song during a Night of the guitar show. I'm not good enough to use the nessisary tools for making it into a Rocksmith file myself. And in the request form there are information I can't provide to fill it in. Could anyone more skilled make this for RS 2014? I would be extremly happy if that could be done by any kind soul here. The chords from Fender Riff station: https://play.riffstation.com/chords-tabs/randy-california-groove-thing-night-of-the-guitar/5sHuIL5M8Ok
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