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Community Answers

  1. https://www.bitchute.com/
  2. Cut your losses and invest in the PC version. If you feel robbed, then there are other ways you can get your purchased dlc onto the PC, though discussion on this topic is not permitted here, and PMing folk about it will get you swiftly banned. As MaZtoR stated, you'd be best posting your questions on the official site.
  3. Been playing for years. I still suck, but occasionally I feel like I'm pretty good. The feeling usually goes away when I sober up.
  4. Try here. http://equipboard.com Or maybe search youtube for covers and check out the video description for any pedal info.
  5. Looked like a outstanding concert, wish I'd made the effort to go now. Live stream audio quality was disappointing though. :(
  6. Sorry, I meant hand positioning, not fingering, on the lead arrangement main riff. It shows your hand position shifting from the 8th to the 12th fret.
  7. Here's my feedback. Hard to be critical, fun to play, and great tones. The fingering could be looked at if you're that way inclined. Loved the whammy part. How do you manage the fast tone switching without any sound glitches? Thanks for the thought and work you put into this. :)
  8. Similar, I was hooked around halfway through. Had it on repeat for around a half hour before I came here looking. Not sure about that video though.
  9. I'm using the Line6 Relay G10 with no quality issues, but you're looking at around $140.
  10. Check that you have the latest graphics card drivers for your card/chipset.
  11. Saw them in Milan a couple of years ago. Try here -> https://www.cyberfret.com/reading-guitar-music/converting-standard-notation-to-tablature/1/ https://www.cyberfret.com/reading-guitar-music/converting-standard-notation-to-tablature/2/ https://www.cyberfret.com/reading-guitar-music/converting-standard-notation-to-tablature/3/
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