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What is the best way to learn lead guitar

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I'm not sure what stage your at but if your a beginner, like me.

I would recommend spending a bunch of time on the arcade game string skipping saloon. I spent 20 hours doing almost solely this, id listen to a podcast (Joe Rogan) turn the game sounds low and just play over and over. I sucked at first but couple of weeks later i scored in the top 1% of players and i saw massive improvements in playing riffs which change strings frequently.

I would then recommend joining the Rocksmith Championship on here, they put up new songs each week for lead beginner, int, advanced and master. Compete and work on that song throughout the week, you should be able to do alright with repeated practise and riff repeating the parts that are tougher for you. I've actually now progressed to lead Int :) .

Then Generally just keep practising, i'm far from good, but i do feel like i'm making progress. I've only been taking learning seriously for a couple of months tops.

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The best way to learn guitar is to get yourself a real teacher. That's also the best way to quit, as their stuff is often dead boring, and they like the classic way, clean technique clean rhythm first, so don't expect them to teach you mainstream songs any soon.


Best Teacher on Youtube : I still go for Pebber Brown, very systematic, Jim Bowley is also my favourite, versatile.


First you should care about watching your fingers on the frets, away from Rocksmith, because Rocksmith teaches you a very bad technique, because most of the time you have to play blind.


Of course I have to recommend my melodic scales, at slow speed.

And then, guitar playing is so versatile, solos, chords, strum patterns, a lot of secondary techniques, there is no best way to learn.


Keep on, you will progress constantly, slowly, be patient!

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I strongly recommend Steve Stine on youtube.https://www.youtube.com/user/stinemusiclessons/featured

And search for other guitar youtubers and guitar beginners lessons. Independently that the best way to learn is a personal teacher, this could help anybody a lot. And to try playing by tabs s a must. It´s kind difficult and boring for the absolute beginner but thats the way. And fiinally persistence, no matter your way to learn,persistence is the key.

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I play scales while I watch Netflix. Or riffs that I've been working on in game. Even really slowly so my fingering is always correct, it's good to just be repeating them over and over while not even thinking about it because I'm focusing on the movie. Slowly it seems to be helping me be a little more comfortable

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