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  1. I think this is the best i'm going to get this until i get the bendy bits and couple of slow chord changes up to speed.
  2. I was assigned to intermediate bass. I had 99% accuracy, why I didn't win, and what does the gray font and * next to nicknames in the championship table mean? Well, you did destroy the 99.5 % marker easily with your first try on that intermediate bass participation, and you know full well you can hold your own on advanced side. So you do belong to higher class, but you are right. You were supposed to be placed to intermediate in level last week. The gray font with asterisk means that it's below your skill level, black font with asterisk means it above your skill level. I've now fixed the last week's winner list to grant you the intermediate bass win, but please do play all of the bass tracks this week. All off them are below Advanced level. Maybe that will help us figure out where you belong. Lead and rhythm-wise you are definitely at least advanced. I feel like RoR, just got a major slap in the face here. RoR has had to play Inter Bass 4 times, just to hit 98.83%. Mikson played it just once to hit 99.6%. Again, I don't believe Mikson to be at an Intermediate level. I'd be totally pissed if I was RoR. I bought my first bass guitar more than a month ago, before I played only a little on emulator bass in Rocksmith. So I don't feel like an advanced player on bass, I don't play hard songs very well. I'm cool with being second, more reason to practice. Yes, my score did take me a few more attempts but i enjoyed them. :D To be honest i would prefer Mikson stay at Int Bass since only a couple of us competing at that level, at-least until we all move up! I do need to buy a bass guitar tho as i'm currently playing emulated. :blink:
  3. Bass - Batman - Bad Note recognition - should of been the :100: Rhythm - Batman - :100: - :D Bass - Flagpole Rhythm - Manowar - Not spent much time on this tbh. Lead - Flagpole
  4. Final strike at the very end of the song is the best i could do. Did'nt mean to play this but thought i would post my score anyhow.
  5. Enjoyed this... wish i had more time this week.
  6. 3 Doors Down - Duck and Run :huh: 1st version - no tone makes it no fun. 2nd version - camera angle poor. Anyway i exported the chart from 1st and the tone from the 2nd and created a practise version for lead only. I've not spent too much time on it, wont be posting to ignition or going back to improve... It's a quick and dirty fix to help me get some practice time put into this track this week, I NEED IT. Link for anyone that wants it too - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RZYA_pNh_I2d2PP6szuYM68-_6tQE9-y I'll hopefully post a better score on the original cdlc file at the end of the week. Since the chart the same i should improve :( .
  7. RoR

    CDLC Requests

    The Qemists - Run You. It's a nice riff and looks fun to play. Thanks in advance!
  8. I like this track. i would probably rate the difficulty lower (4) based on my progress. I'm never normally at 95% midweek.
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