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  1. Rocksmith for ios? lol How low this could get? I want it just to try it to see how bad it is.XD
  2. I strongly recommend Steve Stine on youtube.https://www.youtube.com/user/stinemusiclessons/featured And search for other guitar youtubers and guitar beginners lessons. Independently that the best way to learn is a personal teacher, this could help anybody a lot. And to try playing by tabs s a must. It´s kind difficult and boring for the absolute beginner but thats the way. And fiinally persistence, no matter your way to learn,persistence is the key.
  3. Actually RS is terrible for memorizing songs. The best way to memorize is to play outside RS like tabs furthermore written by yourself. I´d benn playing several years solely with RS and now I´m in the need to abandon it completely,otherwise I won´t learn a f*** to progress more.
  4. DD is worthless. You can´t learn a difficult song to your beginner level from one day to another. The best thing you can do is achieve experience through out the years and leave difficult songs later.
  5. All people should watch youtube videos along with RS at least in case you can´t afford a teacher,travelling etc. RS is very motivating but actually you´ll learn more from other sources. It´s harder and boring but more effectively. ;)
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