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  1. Damn, I've tried them on mac pro xeon, 4790k, and 7700 cpus, worked on none, using steam version windows 10 and one of the latest os x. I've even redownloaded the files. bizarre
  2. Over the last year or two i've tried these on multiple computers between win10 and osx, and every time they crash Rocksmith. I've found few cdlc songs that do this. Am I missing something?
  3. What finally got me to be able to painlessly practice was binge watching every King of the Hill while play scales. Developed the dexterity to attempt fingerpicking and advanced songs
  4. Rolling-Stones_Route-66_v1_LRB-_DD_LACEYB_p? It's gone? There is just a bass only version up. Luckily I found a copy on an old hdd, that was the first song that made me love Rocksmith. Why do some songs disappear? Is there a way to see a list of songs that have disappeared and might possibly be out on the internet somewhere? Are there resources other than ignition to find cdlc?
  5. Thanks, very timely patch! was a little spooked when it would not launch any cdlc.
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